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Questions about using Airbnb, an accommodation and homestay network.

Airbnb, founded in 2008 as, is a US-based online marketplace where users can list and rent beds, rooms, flats, vacation houses, and so on for short-term stays.

Similar services include Homestay, 9flats, Wimdu, FlipKey, and HouseTrip, which are variously categorized and labeled as homestay networks, peer-to-peer property networks, or social travel companies, also competing with more traditional vacation rental marketplaces and listing services, as well as other forms of traditional such as hotels, and non-traditional lodging such as .

Questions with this tag should relate directly to the Airbnb service or company, for example, whether an Airbnb rental is legal in a particular jurisdiction. Do not use this tag if Airbnb is only incidental to the question, such as asking for transport options in the neighborhood where you have booked an Airbnb rental.

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