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The capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom.

Rail, you can get a through ticket without needing Underground - a normal ticket to "London Terminals" should be valid on the entire route. Note that if you are travelling to Paddington for Heathrow …
answered Oct 13 '14 by Richard Gadsden
bunch of discounts that you can only get if you have a Visitor Oyster. Visitor Oyster costs £3 (plus whatever … you can load long-term passes (longer than one month) - not a feature that most visitors care about! Visitor Oysters can be marked as being for child without a photo; normal Oysters can't, and you have to get a Zip Oyster (which has a photo embedded into it) for children resident in London. …
answered Feb 17 '16 by Richard Gadsden
There are no direct flights from Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (DSA) to any London airport. Sheffield-London uses the Midland Main Line, which is not a particularly fast main railway line. The … Line in about 1 hour and 42 minutes. Note that the UK Government agrees with you that Sheffield-London takes too long, and has started a programme to upgrade the Midland Main Line by 2020, which will …
answered Jul 17 '14 by Richard Gadsden
Don't use the tube. If you need to use public transport, there are buses which should be quicker than the tube, but I would recommend walking unless you have a mobility problem or a lot of luggage. …
answered Jun 25 '14 by Richard Gadsden
Walking takes about the same time as the tube, bus or taxi. The most obvious route, and the one you're least likely to get lost using, is to walk along Euston Road. This is a busy main road with a na …
answered Jan 10 '18 by Richard Gadsden
National Express from Heathrow Airport are long-distance coach services. They do run services to London's Victoria Coach station from Heathrow, but all National Express coaches are single-decker. Th …
answered Aug 27 '14 by Richard Gadsden