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Large English-speaking country in North America between Canada and Mexico, and Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Used for questions on traveling from, to, or through the USA. For general questions about North America, use the [north-america] tag but be more specific (eg State) where relevant.

To clarify the other confusion I guess it is worth adding that, while the CBP web site is not very clear, I believe SENTRI membership is only open to US citizens and permanent residents and Mexican na …
answered Feb 24 '16 by Dennis
If it is 220-240V only it is very unlikely to work in the USA with just plug adapters. Unfortunately, Oral-B chargers only come with limited voltage ranges, see pictures below. … buy a 110->230V voltage converter, but it might be cheaper and/or easier to go to a US drugstore, buy the cheapest Oral-B toothbrush having a charger that looks like yours and use that charger in the USA
answered Sep 5 '16 by Dennis
To answer the last bit of your question, if you are carrying duty-free liquor from the UK in your hand luggage you'll want to move it to your checked luggage while you have the opportunity in customs. …
answered Sep 2 '16 by Dennis
The circumstances that require a new ESTA are listed here and include only: passport change name change gender change citizenship change something happens (e.g. criminal conviction, overstay) that m …
answered Apr 16 '16 by Dennis
Returning the paper I-94 isn't necessary for the US to record an exit at the Canada land border. Canada and the US exchange entry records for third country nationals crossing the land border, so your …
answered Feb 5 '18 by Dennis
The confusion seems to be that there are two different time periods you could be asking about: the length of time the visa you are issued will be valid for and the length of time you'll be allowed to …
answered Aug 24 '17 by Dennis
The regulations for a B-1/B-2 visitor, at 8 CFR 214.2(b), allow admissions of up to one year to be granted in that status. Six months is more of a minimum for a B-2 entry, if your mom asked for a long …
answered Sep 13 '17 by Dennis
The $60 AT&T Gophone plan provides a month of service that includes roaming in Canada (and Mexico). You might need to start your trip in the US to make this practical, however.
answered Jun 11 '16 by Dennis
I'll go slightly further and suggest that not returning the I-94 is in fact normal, and is exactly what frequent users of the land border would be expected to do. If you were to cross the land border …
answered Nov 21 '16 by Dennis
In Canadian airports there is a Nexus line at security which you access by showing the card. In US airports there is a TSA PreCheck queue you can enter if your boarding pass has a TSA Pre logo printed …
answered Sep 8 '17 by Dennis
The USA only started to install software to read chip data in the APC kiosks at select airports a few months ago, and first equipped CBP officers' desks with similar software even fewer months ago at JFK …
answered Apr 5 '16 by Dennis
You don't need a passport to reenter the US, for trips of less than 6 months you only need your green card. The passport may be required by by the countries you travel to, so only their requirements m …
answered May 10 '16 by Dennis
The requirements for Americans entering into and returning from Mexico are here. Notice that they say you are required to have a passport to return to the US if you are 16 or over, and if you see Mex …
answered Feb 23 '16 by Dennis
I have done this once, the FAQ entry I worked from is here. Your parents need to have: A notarized letter from you authorizing your parents to carry the stuff on your behalf. A copy of your passport …
answered Jul 24 '17 by Dennis
I expect to visit Stewart, British Columbia in March. I'll be traveling there with others via the airport at Terrace, BC, but need to leave for the US early. Ideally I'd like to avoid having to rent …
asked Feb 15 '16 by Dennis

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