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Number of bags, cases and containers which hold a traveller's articles during transit. Prefer a more specific tag (see `tag info`) where relevant.

My own experience (not specifically with BA, but more generally): The hard limit per piece in many countries is 32 kg, to protect workers. In countries where it applies, you definitely won't get any …
answered Oct 16 '18 by jcaron
In some countries/airports, some or all of the bags may go through scanners before being delivered on the belts. If the scan reveals anything suspicious they may mark the bag for customs officers to …
answered Jan 28 by jcaron
electric shaver battery, either in your carry-on or as checked luggage, without operator approval. Spare batteries and batteries of higher capacities are subject to different rules. If carried in …
answered May 27 '18 by jcaron
specifics. For instance, some airlines will accept checking your luggage through for flights on separate tickets, some will not (especially low cost carriers). You will need to provide more details …
answered Feb 21 by jcaron
departure. The alternative would be to avoid checked-in luggage, as long as you can do online check-in (not sure that's actually possible on that flight) or can do the check-in at a transfer desk. …
answered May 24 '18 by jcaron
I believe you are only entitled to one piece of luggage. ii) B is quite explicit about it: flight from a country other than China to Americas via China (defined as a sixth freedom flight), which is …
answered Feb 16 '18 by jcaron
Alaska explicitly states that you have to call them in this situation (or a situation very close to this one): If a friend or family member will be meeting the child passenger(s) in a connecting c …
answered Aug 7 by jcaron
customs. You will then have a desk to drop your luggage just after customs (no need to go to the check-in desk). After that, you’re in US territory and can do whatever you like before going to your departure terminal, through security and to your gate (just budget enough time for that). …
answered Mar 23 by jcaron
Airlines, your hold luggage allowance depends on the fare: If you booked an "economy light" fare, no hold luggage is included. Otherwise, flights from the USA include one hold bag weighing 23 kg (50 … pounds) max per passenger. On Flybe, likewise, there are fares with or without hold luggage: A "Just fly" fare will not include any hold luggage Other fares will include one hold bag weighing 23 …
answered May 17 by jcaron
ticket, you should be able to do through check-in of your luggage to your final destination, and will not need to reclaim and re-check it in Sydney. You should not need to go through immigration …
answered Feb 1 by jcaron
What I often do is simply walk up to a free check-in desk and drop by bag on the belt to weigh it. Not that in some airports, if the desk is closed, the scale will be switched off, so you often need …
answered Jul 5 by jcaron
As carry-on luggage Most airlines have rules that limit the size of carry-on luggage (mostly so that it fits under the seat in front of you or in the overhead luggage bins). To make it easier to … check, they usually state the rules as maximum length, width, height, rather than the sum of the 3 (as is more often the case for checked luggage). For instance, Lufthansa has a limit of 55 x 40 x 23 cm …
answered May 3 by jcaron
airport) you would have to go through passport control first. Then, in all cases, you would have to pick up your luggage, and get to CDG. There are multiple options for this, the easiest one using … worth it if you are 3 or 4 (you might have a problem with space for luggage in that case though, make sure you get a large car or minivan). You then have to drop your luggage (before the check-in …
answered Sep 22 '18 by jcaron
As other have explained, "hold luggage" is another term for "checked-in luggage", and designates luggage that will go into the hold of the plane (which you check-in/drop at the departure airport, and … claim at the arrival airport). Easyjet allows you to pool your luggage allowance. From Easyjet's FAQ on Baggage: Can I pool my hold luggage allowance with other passengers on my booking …
answered Sep 2 '16 by jcaron
Yes. You will have to go through immigration (passport/visa control), collect your bags and go through customs in SFO. If the two flights are on the same ticket, your bags will still be tagged to you …
answered Jan 28 by jcaron

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