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A European island country in the Atlantic ocean, halfway between Great Britain and Greenland.

stop safely without blocking traffic (which was well below one car per minute in any case). It looks like the Strætó rule that Tor-Einar Jarnbjo quotes is not enforced in practice in rural areas of Iceland, where scheduled bus stops may be 100 km apart. …
answered Sep 28 '15 by gerrit
I checked the website Tor-Einar linked frequently throughout summer and autumn, and (from memory) found: July-mid August: 100–150 per day Late August, early September: 60–120 per day mid-late Septem …
answered Nov 12 '17 by gerrit
The regulations have changed in November 2015, in response to the rapid increase in tourism. Essentially, if you're hiking in the Central Highlands with a tent on your back, you're OK. When you're d …
answered Oct 18 '17 by gerrit
shortening/escaping if your route fails. I did my first trek in Iceland last year, in Lónsöræfi. I have previous hiking experience in the Alps, Swedish Lapland (Sarek, Abisko-Kebnekaise, Nordkalottleden … ), northern Norway (Rago, Hinnøya, Senja, Sørøya, Narvik mountains), Canadian Rockies (Jasper National Park). My most difficult hike was in Iceland. A trail on an Icelandic topographic map is not always …
answered Jul 5 '16 by gerrit
(Canada) to Nuuk (Greenland). Most difficult bit. Used to operate a a scheduled service summer only in 1 hour 45 minutes, now charter only. Nuuk (Greenland) to Keflavík (Iceland) direct, once weekly … only works in summer, but ferries between Denmark and Iceland aren't advertised in the winter season either (they reportedly do operate but are unpredictable). It's going to be expensive (>$5000 …
answered Feb 28 '17 by gerrit
long distances in the dark. Roads may be empty and you might lose attention. Unless the weather is very bad, the ring road in southern Iceland will not be completely closed. There are towns and … you will simply have to accept in winter in Iceland. If you do feel insecure driving but you still want to be solo, you could consider taking regular buses. Those are not very frequent, so in that …
answered Mar 4 '16 by gerrit