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Questions relating to cleanliness and prevention of diseases and infections while travelling.

I am used to cleaning the toilet bowl with a toilet brush after use. In several hotels that I stayed in Asia there was none. I don't suppose they expect me to call the room service every time I use … the bathroom. How am I supposed to remove faeces without a toilet brush? I wouldn't like to find a toilet in this state myself and don't want my roommate to have to tolerate this also. …
asked Jun 17 '17 by problemofficer
During a recent international flight my 4 year old daughter informed me that I shouldn't put toilet paper in the toilet but should instead use the bin provided. My gut told me she was wrong, however … I accepted this could just be bias due to my Western upbringing since I am well aware that there are plenty of places in the world where you indeed don't put toilet paper in the toilet. Keen to make …
asked Dec 11 '18 by RyanfaeScotland
If someone who has never used toilet paper ever travels to countries where only toilet paper is used - how could one learn to use toilet paper? One of my (Asian) colleagues who is more of a friend … confessed he is going paranoid after knowing the fact that he can only use toilet paper while travelling/staying in the US. He was alright being stationed in Dubai, where bidets/water is used to 'wash …
asked Nov 21 '13 by happybuddha
I am from a country where the toilet paper is not flushed but thrown to a bin close to the toilet. I think that the European system is more hygienic, but I always have this question when I use the … toilet. I usually end up flushing several times in order to prevent a possible clog, but I don't want to waste more water than needed. How could I know when is too much paper? Is there any trick or rule of thumb? or do I have to learn the hard way clogging a few times the bathroom? …
asked Oct 29 '18 by Dan
I recently (during July) went on a bus tour to Northern Israel and during the trip we've made a few stops for snacks and a toilet break. When I went to visit the the bathroom, I've noticed that while … the toilets were relatively clean, they all lacked a toilet seat. This was the case both on gas stations and near tourist sites. What is the reasoning behind this? Are they afraid of people stealing the toilet seats or something? …
asked Aug 8 '17 by JonathanReez Supports Monica
Lonely Planet advises people to carry tissues with them in case there isn't any toilet paper Toilet paper isn't always provided, so it is always a good idea to carry tissues with you. You may … also be given small packets of tissues on the street – a common form of advertising. I can vouch for small packets of tissues being a common form of advertising, but a lack of toilet paper, not so …
asked Jun 7 '15 by Andrew Grimm
On different trips I have noticed a sign in toilets asking not to flush toilet paper, but throw it in a bin next to the toilet. This was either on island destinations or in areas with rocky grounds … . Personally I don't like this concept of toilet use, but understanding the rationale I respect the request and act accordingly. On various occasions, especially in public places, I was confronted with …
asked Oct 2 '13 by user141
A few days ago, I visited a large, modern¹, public toilet at a Czech university which featured no toilet paper in the cabins. This wasn’t simply because the supply was depleted: There was no device … for holding toilet rolls (or even remnants of it) nor was there a shelf or even a door handle to hold them. The only place to possibly store toilet paper was on the floor (not that this would have been …
asked Jul 25 '15 by Wrzlprmft
As an Indian I have grown up in Delhi using water to wash after using the toilet instead of toilet paper. In Indian culture this is considered a cleaner practice because of the use of water in order … to wash the privates instead of toilet paper which may leave a residue. Although I was able to comfortably adjust with the toilet paper system, many Indian people find it quite difficult and "dirty …
asked Mar 27 '14 by Aditya Somani
The sounds of flushing an airplane's toilet can be quite intimidating. When going to the toilet on a plane, I am always a bit cautious of accidental flushing. If so, do you risk being sucked stuck to the toilet due to the suction? …
asked Apr 23 '14 by user141
I was in Turkey a while ago, and encountered sit toilets with taps (edit: taps controlling a nozzle a wee way below a normal western sit-toilet rim, making a little fountain from the back to the … toilet paper was provided, I didn't need to experiment. My question amounts to: how does it work? Is it basically the same leaning to one side to wipe? If so, do you follow up with soap both on hands …
asked May 14 '12 by android.weasel
I have read this post : Stuck without toilet paper while travelling - what is the best approach? Does not quite answer my question. Are toilet papers common in hotels in Dhaka ? It seems too off to … mail the hotel asking for this. Even before I can mail I need to know if whether it is rude/offensive to ask for toilet paper in Dhaka/Bangladesh (to the hotel staff/grocery stores)? Even if I had to buy one for myself, are they readily available in grocery stores/marts ? …
asked Jul 24 '13 by happybuddha
How can I have better luck finding a toilet that actually has a seat? (Or an accommodation where the toilets will likely have seats?) Is it by original design that they were simply omitted? Or do perhaps people have a habit of stealing them? Or something else? …
asked Jan 15 '16 by Kenny LJ
Many travelers I know are extremely wary of using public toilets while sitting down, because they're afraid of catching a germ from the toilet seat. But is it really true that public toilets are dangerous? Should one carry disinfectant at all times to be safe? …
asked Aug 8 '17 by JonathanReez Supports Monica
For safety purposes all airlines make you go back to your seat when you are in the toilet just before landing. But, what if you really had to go and don't come out even after persistent knocking …
asked May 8 '14 by Prometheus

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