Got a plane ticket issued by Hainan Airlines to travel from Hong Kong (HKG) to Tel Aviv (TLV) via Shanghai Pudong (PVG). Hong Kong - Shanghai Pudong leg (HX232) was operated by Hong Kong Airlines and got delayed due to "operational reason and flow control". As a result of the delay, I missed the Shanghai Pudong - Tel Aviv leg (HU407). 
<p>Airline did not inform me of my rights under Israeli Aviation Service law back then, but offered to strand me in Shanghai and fly me to Tel Aviv 3 days later. Couldn't afford the long delay and paid another airline to fly me to Tel Aviv. 

<p>Am I entitled to any compensation from the airline (new plane ticket / delay??) under Israel aviation services law? I'm not very sure if it covers such a situation after reading it. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated