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Use for Zika virus and Zika fever, a mosquito-borne illness related to Dengue fever.

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How to decide on travel to possible Zika zone while pregnant

I have x-posted on the health stack site. Anyone with first hand knowledge about traveling to Argentina while 4 months pregnant? The CDC states that Argentina is a Level 2 Alert country (Practice ...
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Thailand Zika Travel and Pregnant?

We've found out that we are pregnant (about 10 weeks) and have a 2 week trip in Thailand. (A few of the Islands). The date of departure is mid December. I'm having a hard time understanding what ...
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Zika concerns travelling to Puerto Rico?

I am a United States male that will be taking a trip to Puerto Rico in two weeks. This will be one of my first airplane trips, certainly the farthest away. Recent news has focused on Puerto Rico for ...
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Is there a good and objective resource online about Zika virus?

I am planning to travel to Brasil in the coming months. In principle I am not worried, but I've been hearing so many stories about the virus that I am not sure any more about what is going on. As far ...
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How to avoid the contact with the mosquito that carries Zika Virus in Tropical countries

I'm planning to go to South America in the next month. Some countries like Brazil are preparing a campaign to control the mosquito to start in March. I think it is a late reaction. My biggest ...
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Zika virus and the Dominican Republic

My question revolves around the rise of the Zika virus in South America and the Caribbean. In March, my wife and I are travelling to a friends wedding in the Dominican Republic, and I'm concerned ...
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