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Questions related to travel through Vancouver International Airport.(IATA: YVR) serving Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. YVR is Canada's main Pacific gateway, a hub for Air Canada and a focus city for WestJet.

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33 votes
5 answers

What to do when you can't print your boarding pass?

I just use web checkin for my flight tomorrow. After that I should have printed my boarding pass. However, I realised that this is not possible. So what can I do now? I have already checked in, but no ...
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20 votes
4 answers

International-to-US connection in Vancouver in 40 minutes, possible?

I'll be transiting Vancouver tomorrow, arriving on an international flight and continuing to the US (meaning I'll clear US customs in YVR). Transit time was originally scheduled to be 1:10, which i ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Getting from downtown Vancouver to the Airport on a Friday night

Later this year I'm going to be at a conference in Vancouver, and potentially I'll need to make a quick getaway to the airport on a Friday night once it finishes. I've had a look on the TransLink ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Exiting Vancouver airport during a flight connection with New Zealand passport

A friend on a NZ passport flies through Vancouver tomorrow, and has a few hours at the airport between international flights. Can he exit to the 'outside world', given he has a valid passport etc? ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Canada Low Cost Airline

Are there any low cost airlines that operate within Canada and fly out of Vancouver? As a European I have very limited knowledge of flying within the US and Canada. I am struggling to find any, ...
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6 votes
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How to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and Stanley Park from Vancouver Airport?

Suppose I have ten hours waiting time in Vancouver airport, I want to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park then Stanley Park. What is the efficient way to do it? I don't want to miss my flight. My ...
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Flying out of Vancouver at 6 am

I have a flight at 6:05 am on a Monday from YVR to SFO in December. As far as I understand, I need to be at YVR at least at 4:05 am. Assume I don't want to take taxis and also assume I will be ...
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