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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (IATA: YTZ, ICAO: CYTZ), commonly known as the Toronto Island Airport, is a small airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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14 votes
2 answers

How can you buy a Presto card upon arrival at Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport?

I will be traveling to Toronto and flying into Billy Bishop Airport. I will then want to take the streetcar to my hotel, but will of course need to pay for it. The TTC says that I can do so using ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Flying from IAD→YTZ→YHZ—where do I clear Canadian customs?

I've flown into Canada at YYZ quite a bit in the past, and normally go through Canadian customs there after exiting the plane. Easy-peasy. All the times I've flown into Canada from the US have been ...
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