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A city in south-west Poland, capital of Lower Silesia region.

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How to get from Wroclaw to city Nysa by bus?

I searched on Google maps: is there some public transport from Wroclaw to Nysa? All I can find/see are routes by train(s). I like traveling by train(s), but also want to check is there some options to ...
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Reliability data for German trains

I want to take the 'Kulturzug' between Berlin and Wroclaw on August 10th 2019 (dep. 08:25 from Berlin-Lichtenberg, arr. 12:42 in Wroclaw Glowny). As I will be attending a wedding later that day, it ...
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Train or bus from Wroclaw to Warsaw? [closed]

How long does it take from Wroclaw to Warsaw by train or bus? Which one is cheaper? Do I need to book a ticket in advance in Nov?
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Public transports from Prague to Wroclaw

Is there shuttle or train (other than Eurolines) from Prague to Wroclaw? It doesn't matter if it's direct or not, but I couldn't find any link for booking the train. I have to be in Wroclaw maximum ...
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How to get from Wroclaw airport to the main train station?

I am landing at 22:40 and I wanna ask if there is some night bus going to the main train station (Wrocław Główny)? My train is going at 5:00 at the morning, so I have time.
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What is the best money exchange place to exchange dollars to PLN in Poland

I am looking for a place to change dollars to Polish zloty and I wonder where the best place to do such exchange is. I am looking for exchange places in following cities (or nearby): Wroclaw Krakow ...
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How to get from Wroclaw airport to city center?

What are the options to get from Wroclaw airport (Ryanair flight) to city center? What's the cheapest option?
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Where to exchange money in Wroclaw

I'm arriving to Wroclaw airport (Ryanair) next April, where should I exchange most of my money? In the airport, in the city or in another city?
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