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For questions whose terrestrial geographic scope is unrestricted. Such questions risk being deemed too broad in scope.

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Finding public shower in Europe

While there are plenty of questions on SE Travel like Where to shower in X or Y I wasn't able to find a common approach to finding cheap or free public showers. For example, how do long-haul truckers ...
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Trying to find a chip and pin card to travel the world with [duplicate]

Please have patience with me as I am very confused about all of this and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am about to leave for a year around the world trip (including mostly Europe, South America, ...
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Is there a car-rental scheme that works worldwide?

Personally, I find it quite an annoyance to deal with car rental. I always end up singing a two sided paper with small print, simply because I am to tired to bother. That this is naive approach was ...
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