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Questions about the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada.

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Travelling from Winnipeg to YVR to Haneda to Sydney, multiple airlines -- Can I through-check baggage?

Going to be travelling to Sydney in May from Winnipeg. It'll be an Air Canada flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver, then ANA Airlines to Haneda to Sydney. Am I able to through-check from Winnipeg's ...
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3 votes
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Finding our way on buses in Ottawa and Winnipeg

We live in London, and the buses have automated systems to let you know the name of the next bus stop ahead of time. This makes them really easy to use and very difficult to get lost. We're going on ...
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Any way to get a cheaper train ticket from Winnipeg to Churchill?

With ViaRail in Canada, there's a main route across the country, and a northern route from Winnipeg directly north to Churchill, in Manitoba. With the trans-Canada route, there are frequent deals ...
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