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Activities centered around observing whales (and occasionally other marine mammals such as dolphins) in their natural habitat. Generally recreational this can also be done for scientific or educational purposes.

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Swimming with whales in Tonga

I will be travelling to Tonga in September, mostly to swim with the whales. If you've been, what is this like? Is it easy physically to swim in the open ocean with the whales, or hard? I'm a ...
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Kayaking with orcas around Vancouver Island, BC: Finding places and kayak rentals

I will be travelling to Vancouver Island, BC in June and would like, if possible, to kayak in the presence of orcas. How can I find out if there are any good spots with a high chance to see orcas ...
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Killer Whale watching around Narvik End of October

We booked a flight to Narvik and want to travel down the Vesteralen and maybe the Lofoten in the last two October weeks. Internet sources are a bit contradictionary about a good time for Killer Whale ...
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Where is the best possible location that I might have to hear humpback whale sounds?

This is kind of a follow up to my previous question, which was about where I can go for whale watching on budget within 3000 USD. I am from Bangalore, India. I want to hear the songs of whales (which ...
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Is October a decent time to whalewatch for orca pods in Vancouver, B.C.? Question about migratory patterns in the Pacific Northwest?

Is October a decent time to see orca pods in Vancouver, B.C.? I've gone whale watching in early spring in Seattle, Washington; mid-summer in Monterrey, California; and lower Alaska in late summer, ...
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Whalewatching around New York City

Where can I go for whalewatching in/around(travel time ~1 h) New York City? I will be there in mid of July and i heared, that the whalewatching season starts at the beginning of July.
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Which of the Azores islands are your best bet to see whales?

The Azores seems to be a nice destination for whale watching. Most islands seem to offer whale watching trips. Are there islands that are better whale watch destinations, or are they all around?
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