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A region and the capital city of New Zealand, situated on the Cook Strait at the south of North Island.

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The cost effective grocery stores in wellington [closed]

Where should I buy daily staffs? specifically food staffs? wellington best one and cheap one. Can amybody rate?
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Are there any Chinatowns in New Zealand?

Wikipedia says: Chinatowns existed on Greys Avenue in Auckland and Haining Street in Wellington up until the 1970s, and there is a growing community in both Christchurch and Dunedin. Does it mean ...
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Buying stamps in Wellington Airport?

I'm flying out of Wellington Int'l Airport soon. Can I buy stamps at the airport? And if yes, are they available on Sundays as well?
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How to find a truck mechanic while traveling in New Zealand

We are traveling through New Zealand for 8 months and bought a Motorhome that is built onto a 1994 Ford Trader Diesel truck. We are on our way to the South island and appear to have an oil leak and ...
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What kind of wind gusts prevent planes from landing at Wellington airport?

ie, today's report says gusts of about 70km/h, with Northerly winds of 46km/h. I'd like to be able to guesstimate chances of flights arriving based on current winds. My first flight here had an ...
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Wellington, NZ cheap camping ground within 30mins bicycle from city

I would like to do some bicycle camping within quick reach of the city. Are there are any cheap or free sites that offer toilets? Showers not necessary, but would be luxury.
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How much to store a suitcase for a month in Wellington, NZ

There are many self-storage type places advertising online, but nowhere has any costs listed. Approximately how much should I expect to pay for storage space for a suitcase with self-access? ...
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Where can I get a pre-paid SIM in Wellington, NZ and do I need ID?

Arriving in Wellington, NZ in a few hours. Just need a cheap option for receiving calls and sending a few texts. Are these available in 7/11, newsagents or such?
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