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Questions tagged [weekends]

The parts of weeks, usually a 48 hour period or longer, when most businesses are relatively inactive, though recreational facilities and street markets may be particularly active. Transport schedules may differ then from the rest of the (‘working’) week and shops may be closed, or open for reduced hours. Typically Saturday and Sunday but sometimes including, or only, a Friday in areas with a significant Moslim presence.

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5 answers

Is Thursday a “party” day in Spain or Germany?

I’m from Brazil, and here, in almost every city, Thursdays are days which adults (> 25 y/o) go out and have some fun, staying up until late even if they got to go to work the next Friday morning. ...
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Are there any genuine gers near Sydney?

Are there any genuine gers (yurts) near Sydney which can be booked for accommodation? Looking on AirBNB, I can see some exclusively timber-based constructions that are ger-themed, but not really the ...
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Travelling during weekends - Public transportation - Baltimore [closed]

I'm living in Baltimore for a short period of time. I work a lot during the week (and don't really have time to organize my trips) and have free time in weekends. I don't have a driving license here ...
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How to reach Luton Airport from Watford Junction?

I'm looking for an efficient way to reach Luton Airport from Watford Junction, during the weekend. More exactly, on a Saturday morning. It doesn't matter if it's with the train, bus or even taxi. I ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Breakfast places in Munich that open at 6AM or earlier on the weekends?

It seems that visitors should queue as early as 8AM in order to get into the Oktoberfest tents on the weekends without a reservation. This means breakfast must be completed before 7AM to leave enough ...
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Best way to obtain Canadian Dollars traveling from the US

I'm travelling from Los Angeles to Canada. I need a few hundred Canadian dollars in cash. What is the best option (minimum rates + processing fees)? As I see it I have 3 options: 1) Get cash from the ...
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Cheap way to frequently fly during the weekend to visit friends/family/girlfriend? European City Hopping

On multiple and frequent occasions I want to fly for a visit during a weekend (EIN -> BUD), without it interfering much with my job. For this reason I'm only somewhat flexible when it comes to the day ...
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Will the city of Prague be accessible during a marathon?

I booked a weekend trip to Prague from may 24th until the 26th and just discovered that there will be a running event like a marathon. Will the city be accessible? And if not, what are the best ...
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Are there any weekend-only tourist activities in Hong Kong?

My family and I will be visiting Hong Kong in December, and will be doing some of the tourist stuff such as Disneyland, museums, shopping and eating. Because Hong Kong is such a crowded city, we would ...
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