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Flows of water over substantial changes in elevation along short distances. Prefer a more specific tag where relevant. Perhaps: [iguazu-falls], [niagara-falls], [victoria-falls]

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What's the name of this waterfall?

I found this waterfall scenery during the login screen of Windows 10: What's the name of this waterfall ?
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Where was this photo taken - eagle and waterfall wallpaper photo? [closed]

My Mac comes with this photo as a sample wallpaper. I believe the photo is called "Lone Eagle." Where was this photo taken? Thanks!
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What does this sign near a waterfall in Switzerland (Saut du Doubs) mean?

Among my friends we had a disagreement/confusion as to what the following sign means: The sign is located on the top of the waterfall, but an access path to the bottom is nearby. Our hypotheses: No ...
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Identify this waterfall in Myanmar

Planning my next trip to Myanmar I've found this image in this website. According to the site this should belong to one of these places: Yangon, Putao, Machanbaw, Myitkyina, Myitsone or Indawgyi Lake,...
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What is the quality of the rafting on the Nile at a Jinja after the damming of Bujagali Falls

I have found a company offering Grade 5 Rafting on the Nile near Jinja Uganda. They make no mention of the fact the Bujagali Falls have been dammed and what if any effect this has had on the quality ...
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Visiting Iguazu waterfalls on both sides

One can visit the Iguazu Falls on two sides: the Brazilian and the Argentinian side. We stay at a hotel in Argentina (Puerto Iguazu), visited the Argentinian side and would like to visit the ...
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Waterfalls you can walk behind near Maryland, USA

My girlfriend has always wanted to stand behind a waterfall. I'm hoping to propose to her at one. Anybody know of any near Maryland, USA?
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Trip to Grand Canyon / Havasu Falls

I am currently trying to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon (never been!), and while there I would like to make the hike to Havasu falls. Unfortunately, it is really hard - for me, at least - to find ...
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