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For questions regarding means of payment restricted in application to a limited range of goods/services or receipts acknowledging payments have been made.

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What is the validity of the electoral train voucher in Italy?

Communal elections are coming this month in Italy, and as an Italian citizen residing abroad, I have received a voucher for a reduced-fare return train ticket (a few years ago it used to be a free ...
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Travel Voucher and refundable tickets

I understand that airlines only provide travel vouchers to be used in the future for travel changes due to COVID (e.g. you cannot travel because you are positive). But, let's say that credit is used ...
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How can I make American airlines honor their travel voucher?

February 2020 I bought tickets to Barcelona from New York City which I cancelled due to the pandemic. Like everyone else I got a travel voucher which was supposed to be valid till December 2021. The ...
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The TAP website does not recognise the voucher they sent me and the phone goes dead when I try to ring

Having received a voucher which is valid for 24 months from TAP for a cancelled flight in June, I am now totally unable to reach them by phone or book an alternative flight through the website. ...
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Refunding the ticket, not the value of the ticket

I have been looking around and I see many question related to flights being cancelled due to COVID-19. Some questions are about flights with TAP - Air Portugal, British Airways, AlItalia etc. other ...
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Can you change/upgrade seats on an American Airlines flight purchased with a travel voucher? [closed]

I received a $300 voucher from American Airlines. When I tried to use it to book a flight, the option on the payment page to use a gift card/e-voucher simply didn’t appear. At first we thought it ...
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Do I have to travel with my American Airlines voucher before it expires, or just book?

I received a travel voucher from American Airlines for an oversold flight. The gate agent told me I have to use the voucher within one year. It has an expiration date printed on it. By use, do they ...
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Getting AeroMexico to honor vouchers

I have two vouchers from AM, each good for a roundtrip flight to or from Mexico City. They expire March 1. AeroMexico says they can be redeemed by email or through an agent (there is no way to redeem ...
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How to use American Airlines vouchers? [duplicate]

I have a voucher for $1000 from American Airlines. How do I turn that into cash so I can use it to book a flight?
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I have a travel voucher from American Airlines. Can I use part of it now, and the rest later?

Last month, I was bumped and received a $400 travel voucher from American Airlines, in the form of a printed paper voucher (not an eVoucher, which Google tells me exists and plays by different rules). ...
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Use United Airlines travel certificate for another passenger?

When I look at changing a flight to a cheaper flight, I see that I'll be issued a "United Airlines Travel Certificate" (for the difference in cost, minus the change fee). Can that credit then be used ...
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What is "officially registered...single status" in Thailand?

Whilst scouring the voucher sites I came across this in the fine print: Qualifying Criteria: .... singles officially registered with single status are allowed... What is "officially registered......
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Receiving a refund for AA Transportation Vouchers after using them for a flight paid with a credit card

I had to cancel a flight and American Airlines mailed me a Transportation Voucher Exchange Coupon. I ordered new tickets that I wanted to pay with the coupons, put them on hold, called American ...
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Give Delta voucher to another person

If I have a Delta voucher in my name, can I give it to another person to use, for example to my daughter?
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What is the meaning of the expiration date on a Delta voucher?

My parents were issued vouchers for a specific dollar amount towards future travel on Delta as compensation for volunteering to switch to a different flight in an overbook situation. The vouchers have ...
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AA Travel Voucher from 2000 and 2001

I have a couple unused travel vouchers from prior to 2002, can I still use it, how do I exchange it and what are fees if any?
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How to redeem an American Airlines voucher?

Recently I traveled with American Airlines. I had a bad experience as I felt they were terribly outdated, so I complained with their customer service, who, ironically, gave me a paper voucher that I ...
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Travel voucher United Airlines

Can a united airlines travel voucher be used on partner airlines? Example United Airlines/Air Canada
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How do I redeem airline vouchers when booking through a website?

So, I got bumped from a United flight a while back (last April to be exact, so I'm nearing the one year mark). As part of the voluntary bump, I got a $400 voucher to be used towards purchasing ...
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