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Can I leave South Africa for a week and then come back for another three months?

I'm a Venezuelan visiting South Africa and I'm planning to stay longer since I met my boyfriend here and he want me to stay for another three months visiting him, but since my visitor visa is about to ...
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Travel insurance required for Abu Dhabi?

I am a citizen of Pakistan, and intend to travel to Abu Dhabi on a 30-day single-entry visa. My duration of stay is 3 days. Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for me and my family? I got my ...
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Schengen visa C: invite people planning to reside somewhere else

I'm a European and some of my wife's family will come to visit and has to apply for a Schengen visa: short stay (C). There's two ways to go: 1.) for reason of friends or family visit 2.) for tourism ...
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Is travelling to one country or two countries enough travel history to support my Canada visa application?

A travel history is needed for my Canada visitor application. Is travelling to visa-free countries once or twice or the same neighbouring countries multiple times enough to support my travel history ...
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