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Why does my application need to attach a travel history since I have not traveled before?

I have been trying to get through my visa application but I need to attach a travel history, while I haven't traveled before.
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Canada visitor visa denied

My friend, who is a permanent resident of Canada, wants to bring her parents to Canada for some months, so that her parents can see her new baby and spend some time with her. They are retirees and don'...
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How to send a money order for a Canada visa application?

I was told to send a 21.70 USD money order for a fee to the Canada Visa Application Center. I tried sending a money order from Walmart but now I am having some issues. I called Walmart and they told ...
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Can I leave South Africa for a week and then come back for another three months?

I'm a Venezuelan visiting South Africa and I'm planning to stay longer since I met my boyfriend here and he want me to stay for another three months visiting him, but since my visitor visa is about to ...
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Travel insurance required for Abu Dhabi?

I am a citizen of Pakistan, and intend to travel to Abu Dhabi on a 30-day single-entry visa. My duration of stay is 3 days. Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for me and my family? I got my ...
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Schengen visa C: invite people planning to reside somewhere else

I'm a European and some of my wife's family will come to visit and has to apply for a Schengen visa: short stay (C). There's two ways to go: 1.) for reason of friends or family visit 2.) for tourism ...
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Is travelling to one country or two countries enough travel history to support my Canada visa application?

A travel history is needed for my Canada visitor application. Is travelling to visa-free countries once or twice or the same neighbouring countries multiple times enough to support my travel history ...
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