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Collected passport from Tunisia as I had applied for a UK visitor visa; there was no visa in it and no refusal letter. Who can I contact?

I applied to visit the UK from Tunisia to visit family. I received an email informing me that a decision had been made and to collect my travel documents. When I went to collect my passport today, ...
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Travelling to Australia for conference presentation

My teammate and I have been invited to a conference in Australia to present our paper. We think that we need a visitor visa (subclass 600), Business Visitor stream. However, my teammate wants to bring ...
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Question about frequency of visits to the US when using an ESTA [duplicate]

I recently travelled to the US with an ESTA, dates were 18th of August to 28th of August on a business trip. I plan to return on the 24th of November until the 4th of December on a follow up trip - ...
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UK visa refusal on opening balance and also company affidavit of support letter [duplicate]

I hope someone on this forum will be able to answer my question regarding my visitor visa application. I am from Pakistan. I applied for s standard visitor visa on 11/3/2024 in Islamabad. On 27/03/...
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What does Entry Validity Date mean on Dubai visit visa?

Recently I got a Dubai visit visa approved. Although I mentioned on the application form the date of arrival in Dubai to be 21 Dec 2023, the validity date mentioned on the approved visa page is 20 Dec ...
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Is it a must you get a visiting invitation letter from family related person in Canada? [duplicate]

Can a friend invite you to Canada for a vist or is just a family member who can Invite you? If yes a friend can Invite you for a visit to Canada how can you proof you have ties with him/her
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