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Why is my German visa appeal taking too much time at the Bengaluru consulate?

My German healthcare visa was rejected due to some accommodation issue. The rejection letter says you have not enough money to pay for your accommodation. But my employer gave it to me at a very low ...
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Schengen visa got refused. Appeal or apply again? [duplicate]

I am a 35 year old from Philippines. I have a Spanish citizen girlfriend who wanted to sponsor me to go to Spain. Take note I have never applied for any visa before and so I applied for a single-entry ...
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UK tourist visa 4.2 (a) and (c) [duplicate]

I am getting married in 20 days and my fiancé wanted to holiday in the UK after our wedding. His mother is sponsoring the trip as a gift. I applied along with him and the travel agent asked me to ...
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Is it worth appealing a France visa refusal?

My France visa was rejected 2 times. I had submitted all relevant documents with strong ties with my home country. I provided a detailed itinerary day by day and all confirmed bookings of flights and ...
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My Schengen application is rejected 1 week before my travel, can I appeal with new dates?

I submitted a visa application to travel between 13-17 of September My visa rejection respond was issued on 5th of September (with 2 weeks to appeal) meaning that I can appeal till 19th of September ...
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My Portugal visa was revoked after my appeal application had been approved [closed]

I was applying Portugal Schengen visa, which was refused by Delhi Portugal Embassy. After that I appealed my visa application on 3rd August, this appeal has been approved on 18th August, also I have ...
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Schengen visa after appeal : will it count as rejection?

I got my Schengen visa after appealing against rejection. So effectively rejection was overruled. Now many countries ask if your visa has ever been rejected during a visa application, and I am ...
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Difference between Visa refusal appeal and Fresh application

I am planning to appeal my Visa refusal, however there are few points which I want to clarify. Am I allowed to submit additional documents/details along with my appeal to prove my case? If yes then ...
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Can I appeal the Refusal of a Schengen Visa?

My Schengen visa was refused with following reasons: Justification for purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence. You ...
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