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Tag for questions such as "Does my visa expire at midnight of the last day?" or "Can I leave the Schengen on the 91st day?".

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Entering U.S. exactly on the day of visa "expiration date"

I'm a bit surprised from my US Visa. I plan to go to a conference on 3rd of April. Amazingly though, the visa expiration date is written as April 3rd. So what does that mean. Can I enter the US on ...
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What happens if my flight out of the Schengen area is cancelled on the last day of my visa?

I am a student going to Germany on guest Scientist visa. In the application form I had to fill date of departure and arrival and they have given me visa for exact dates as mentioned on my invitation ...
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Can I take a flight that departs after midnight of the day my Schengen visa expires?

I have short term german visa for three days. I don't have a flight in my budget on the 3rd day night so I want to know if I can finish my immigration on the 3rd day night and take up the flight next ...
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How to calculate the number of days one can stay in the Schengen area?

Valid for: Schengenstater (Issued by Sweden) valid From: 26-09-16 to 16-10-16 Type of Visa: C Number of Entries: 1 Duration of Stay: 6 days 1st entry in Greece on 10-10-16 and exit on 13-10-16 2nd ...
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Can I visit UK a month before my visa expires?

I'm from the State of Kuwait and hold an Eritrean passport. I'm planning to visit UK in October but my visa will expire in November. Is it OK to make a journey in the last month of my visa, ...
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If my passport and Canadian visa expire in July can I still travel in April

I am from Trinidad, my Trinidadian passport and Canadian visa both expire in July. Can I still travel to Canada in April, using both documents?
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How important is the 'admitted until' date stamped on my passport while entering the US

I have traveled to the US 3 times now within the past year, on the 2 previous trips, CPB stamped my passport for entry up to 6 months for which I stayed only 2 weeks each. On my 3rd trip in February, ...
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Schengen area 90 days limit: Can I leave on the 91st day?

Can anyone tell me if the 90 days is in fact 90 nights? Can you leave the Schengen area on the 91st day? Or are you only allowed 89 nights and you are required to leave on the 90th day?
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Is it acceptable to leave USA on the 90th day of a stay?

I have a valid ESTA. If my visa waiver 90 days end on August 1, and I have a ticket leaving the US on the same day, would it be OK or should I purchase a ticket a day before?
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What happens to visas that last longer than a passport?

I'm about to get a visa that will outlast my passport by roughly three or four months. The time difference is not a lot and probably won't have any big effect on anything but it got me wondering. Does ...
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Can you stay in Schengen area for longer than your visa expiration date?

We have a Schengen visa valid for 6/19 to 7/19 for trip duration of 20 days. Can we enter say 7/10 and then leave before 7/30? Or does expiration date mean you have to leave Schengen area by then?
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About duration of stay in UK

In short term C type visa Overstay is the allowed duration a six month stay or the visa expiry date? Because the duration of stay is 180 days. I entered UK at September 27; my visa will be expire 12 ...
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How long do you get to use a UK standard visitor visa from time of issue or is it valid for entry indefinite

I am going to apply for a standard visitor visa for my girlfriend to enter UK. If it is issued how soon does it have to be used after issue, ie. validity until time of entry?
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Can I leave UK on the day my visa expires?

I have a valid UK (Visit/Tourist) visa that expires on 30 Jan and my flight is scheduled on the same day morning time is it fine will I have any issue?
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validity of visas electronically [closed]

Do airlines or immigration officers verify the validity of visas(forged or real one) electronically when we are travelling from an african country to Schengen area, Canada or USA?
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Turkish single-entry visa stamped in transit by mistake. Can I still use it to enter Turkey?

I was intending to transit in Istanbul, going to Tbilisi for a week and then another week in Istanbul. I have visas for both countries. While I was in transit in Istanbul, I was directed to a wrong ...
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Can I stay in Schengen area after my visa expires if I enter while the visa is valid?

I have an Egyptian passport and a valid one year multiple-entry Schengen visa, which will expire in mid-Sept. 2014. Can I enter a Schengen country a day before it expires for a short trip and exit ...
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Holding overlapping Schengen visas, may I treat one as an extension without exiting? [duplicate]

I have got Schengen Visa from Italy (Consulate General of Mumbai) on April 30, 2019. I got Visa from June 8, 2019 - July 6, 2019 with validity of 15 days. I had previous visa from Embassy of ...
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Can I travel to Canada if my visa and passport expire a month after I plan to leave?

I am an Indian, my Indian passport expires in Septemeber, my Canadian visa also expires on the same date of my passport expiry. Are my passport and visa valid if I travel to canada in June and stay ...
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B1/B2 visa expiry date [duplicate]

My B1/B2 visa expires on August 14, and I have to stay in the US from August 14 to 17. I want to apply for a new visa for these dates. Will the embassy give me a new visa or they will ask me to travel ...
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