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Independent UK-based airline, founded by Richard Branson

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Connecting Outbound International Flight

I have a flight connecting from my local airport to JFK where I will change from Delta to Virgin Atlantic. These were booked on different PNRs since there was a deal on the JFK to LHR flight. I've ...
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Virgin Atlantic - Approved COVID-19 Test Centres [closed]

Has anyone recently (within the past 3 months) travelled with Virgin Atlantic (United Kingdom) with their negative PCR test? If so, could you kindly share the details of where you have found this ...
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Connection time in Delhi, separate tickets

We are considering a connection in Delhi (DEL). Coming in on Virgin Atlantic (from LHR), continuing on Spicejet to BKK on separate tickets. As far as I can tell both airlines operate out of Terminal 3....
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Air travel UK to USA with a hyphen in my surname - will it be a problem?

I'm flying from the UK to the USA for a holiday in a few months with Virgin. My surname has a hyphen in it, but it seems that Virgin's computers cannot handle this, so they have removed it and my ...
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Virgin Atlantic Upgrade to Upper Class at Check-in - no seats open in seat map

I am interested in upgrading to upper class on my flight from LAX-LHR on Virgin Atlantic. I can see on forums online and on Virgin's website that they allow purchasing upgrades at check-in. I am ...
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Flight to a different airport from the one booked

I flew from the Boston to London yesterday. As originally booked, flight was VS158, BOS-LHR, operated by Virgin Atlantic, booked directly with Virgin Atlantic. Due to the planned strike in Heathrow, ...
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Open jaw return on Virgin Atlantic website

I'm looking to buy an open jaw return ticket LHR->JFK, then BOS->LHR (London-New York, then Boston-London) on Virgin Atlantic, however I can't seem to find such option on their website. Am I missing ...
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How to see a record of amendments to flight schedules? [duplicate]

My flight from Delhi to London with Virgin Atlantic was delayed by more than 5 hours on Thursday 18th April. I am trying to get the official takeoff and landing time for this flight but can't find it ...
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Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse Access

I'll be flying from London to Las Vegas, via JFK bought on Virgin Atlantic. I'm flying Upper Class from LHR to JFK, and Delta business from JFK to LAS. It's all under the same Virgin Atlantic booking. ...
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OK to board plane? Indian H1B holder travelling to Dubai on Virgin Atlantic

I plan to fly USA to Dubai on Virgin Atlantic (via London Heathrow). I will be staying in Dubai for 6 days. I hold an H1B visa. Since Indians with US visas can get visa on arrival in Dubai, I have ...
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Picking between United, Delta, Alaska and Virgin Atlantic membership

Is there a mileage program that will allow me to earn and redeem miles on Delta and Alaska airlines?
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11 votes
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Safety considerations for a space flight

I want to book a flight into space with Virgin Galactic, or space-x if possible. What health considerations do they have to be able to take such a flight? Are there any age/health restrictions? ...
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How to claim Virgin Train tickets towards Virgin Flying Club air miles, if not booked through their official website? [closed]

I frequently travel by Virgin East Coast trains (in the UK), and I know that you can use these train journeys towards Virgin Flying Club airmiles - if you book them through the Virgin website. I use a ...
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Collecting on different Frequent Flyer programmes on same booking (not same flights)

I booked Delta but 2 of 3 flights are operated by Virgin Atlantic, so I cannot get miles on Flying Blue (Air France-KLM's programme) as the flight isn't operated by a SkyTeam airline. Can I collect ...
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Headphone sockets on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

I'm flying from London Gatwick (LGW) to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) in September with Virgin Atlantic (Upper Class, if this makes a difference). I'm taking my own headphones. Are the sockets one pin ...
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