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Paper stickers or electronic means used in charging vehicles for road use (sometimes selectively) for periods of time or instances. Unlike some toll charges (for which there is the tag [tolls]), the cost is not determined directly by distance travelled. Do not use this tag for other meanings:

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Are there highway tolls between Vienna and Salzburg?

I plan to rent a car in Vienna and drive to Salzburg and back. Google maps suggests driving through A1 road but indicates This route has tolls. I know that in Austria one needs to buy a toll sticker,...
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Regarding travelling and job joining dates after getting Vignette on Passport - UK Visa - Skilled Worker [closed]

I want to understand two things- Till which date can I travel to UK? Till which date can I join my UK job? Details- I applied for Skilled worker Visa from India. My Vignette on Passport states start ...
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Is a vignette needed to go to Bratislava for a day trip from Vienna?

My girlfriend and I are going to drive to Vienna from Germany tomorrow to visit some friends. We bought a vignette to drive in Austria for 10 days so it's all good. We would also like to visit ...
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Any distinction between UK Visa sticker and UK Entry Clearance sticker?

I previously posted a different question pertaining to my Kazakh wife, visiting here in the UK. Sorry for asking multiple questions. We are wondering though, why she was issued a yellow "Entry ...
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Austria (Villach to Klagenfurt ) to Bled (Slovenia) without tollway

In December I'm planning to go to Bled as I'm passing through Villach by car with my girlfriend. I'm really not motivated to pay for the Slovenian motorways for a daily trip only and the public ...
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How to buy Czech vignette by credit/debit card?

Is it possible to buy Czech vignette sticker at gas stations and pay by card? I noticed that sellers at some kiosks at rest stations near the border (eg. near Austrian or Slovakian border) only ...
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Is it possible to cross Switzerland without using a vignette?

We're planning a road trip from Germany (Frankfurt area) to Italy (Milan area) next summer. The main focus is on driving on nice roads so we want to avoid driving on highways. We don't mind if we have ...
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Didn't purchase an Expressway / vignette before driving on highways in Czech Republic. What can I expect?

Unfortunately I didn't know that Czech Republic doesn't have tollbooths- drivers are required to purchase a sticker before getting on any highway - until I arrived in Prague. What happens next? I ...
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How can I remove highway vignettes and other miscellaneous stickers from the windshield of my car?

Taking this marvellous question as inspiration, I travel a lot by car, often in countries that require me to buy a vignette to use the motorways. Moreover it is usually mandatory to stick the vignette ...
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Can I buy a vignette for Hungary (Matrica) online?

I will drive through Hungary and I need a vignette. As it's an electronic one, I want to buy it online in advance and save some time. Is it possible? How much does it cost compared with buying it at ...
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Renting a car from Milan to Switzerland

I would like to rent a car from Milan to Switzerland. Do we need to add on the border car pass or highway pass separately or the car rental suppose to be all inclusive?
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