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Questions tagged [viewpoint]

A location, often elevated, offering a prospect.

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Which vantage point allows to see the Cristo Rendedor with Rio behind it?

While it is clear that there is a platform right at the Cristo Rendedor statue on Corcovado, from where one can see the statue up close or Rio, there seems to be quite a few images online taken ...
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Can you see the Isles of Scilly from Cornwall?

On a clear day is it possible to see the Isles of Scilly from Cornwall with the aid of binoculars? A distance of around 40km. I know on a very clear day you can only see maximum 20km from sea level ...
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2 answers

Elevated viewpoint to photograph Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Asked on PSE earlier but it was suggested to me more likely to be answered here and I think so too. There are a number of amazing photos of the Burj Khalifa which are seemingly taken from an elevated ...
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Ha Long Bay Viewpoints

Plenty of images show Ha Long Bay from what seems to be a somewhat elevated viewpoint. Look at the top 3 rows images from here for example. Where are high viewpoints from which to appreciate Ha Long ...
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