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Questions tagged [vietnam-airlines]

Vietnam Airlines is an airline which is the flag carrier of Vietnam. Its IATA code is VN.

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4 answers

Dual UK Australian national visiting Vietnam

I have dual Australian and UK citizenship/passports. I am leaving Australia, travelling to Vietnam, then returning to Australia after 13 days. I was planning to leave Australia with my Australian ...
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My flight to Vietnam leaves on the day before my visa starts, but arrives 5:30 on the starting date of my visa. Will I have problems boarding? [duplicate]

I have a Vietnamese visa starting on the 30th of June. My flight to Vietnam leaves on the 29th of June 23:10h, and arrives on Hanoi on the 30th of June 5:30h. Is there a chance I might not be allowed ...
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What are the current travel restrictions in Vietnam?

I am planning to travel to Hanoi from Tokyo in the beginning of April for a couple of days. But news websites like this mention that travellers from Japan and South Korea will be quarantined on entry ...
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Frankfurt Airport drop check luggage early in the morning (long time before the Airline's counters open)?

I will travel by train to Frankfurt Airport very early in the morning (2 am) and I have a big check luggage. The check-in counter for Vietnam Airlines (I will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam) will be opened (...
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Is order of passenger’s names important on Vietnam Airlines?

I’m planning to book a direct flight from Melbourne, Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and return, with Vietnam Airlines. I have both a Vietnamese and an Australian passport, and I plan to use ...
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Compensation for damaged buggy on Vietnam Airlines

I recently returned from Vietnam and the airline at the airport in Vietnam issue the badge at the gate. When I arrived in Heathrow there is a part in the buggy broken. After complaining at the airport ...
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Can I get compensation for an early flight?

I was in Vietnam with a ticket booked to Cambodia. I received an email from Vietnam Airlines customer services asking me to call them. When I call then I was surprised that my flight was put forward ...
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Booked a Vietnam Airlines codeshare flight OP'd by China Air - can I reserve a seat ahead of time?

I bought an international ticket from the US to Asia on Priceline, via Vietnam Airlines, and I have a confirmation code from them. China Airlines is the carrier operating the flight and the one with ...
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