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Questions tagged [victoria-australia]

The most southerly state on the Australian mainland. Do not use this tag for the capital of British Columbia, or for the falls on the Zambesi or for the lake in Central Africa for each of which there is a different tag.

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2 votes
1 answer

What can you do at the Thomson station on the Walhalla goldfields railway?

I was looking at the time table for the Walhalla Gold fields railway ( and noticed it had a stop called "Thomson". Going by the timetable I should be able to take the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Public transportation options to 12 Apostles

Are there public transportation options from Melbourne to 12 Apostles (and back) that would allow me to make a round-trip within 1 day (e.g. depart Melbourne at 7am and return to Melbourne at 10pm on ...
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5 votes
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Is it realistic to hope for a hitchhike to Werribbe Gorge State Park from Bacchus Marsh/Darley?

I'm in Melbourne for about a month and I've found Werribe State Park to be an interesting place to go for a hike, but I've got a problem - there's no public transport that can get me there. I can get ...
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Withdrawal of 457 visa [closed]

What are the steps to stop processing of an Australia 457 visa if applied from a company? I need directions as I may get a 190 visa granted before the 457.
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1 answer

Sending cut orchids from Singapore to Australia [closed]

Can I send cut orchids from Singapore to someone in Australia?
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4 votes
1 answer

How to get from Cockatoo, Victoria to the Melbourne CBD on public transport?

We're in Cockatoo, Victoria and looking to get to downtown Melbourne on public transport. Cockatoo is a country town but isn't really far from the suburbs these days. We know there's a bus from ...
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