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VFTF and Singapore Visa for Indians [duplicate]

I am holding an Indian passport with a valid Canadian Visa. I will be going to Victoria from Chennai in two separate return journey tickets. I have booked Chennai-Singapore-Chennai return and ...
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VFTF in Singapore for Indian Passport holder going to Canada

I'm traveling from Chennai, India to Victoria, Canada for my internship. I'm flying Air India from Chennai to Singapore and Japan Airlines from thereon. I'll be returning back to India in 3 months. ...
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VFTF for both legs for Indian passport with Australian PR

I am going to travel from Sydney to India via Singapore and will travel back to Sydney in another 20 days. Both the legs have 23 hours layover and so I want go outside the airport. I was planning to ...
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Visa Free Transit Facility for Singapore - Australian PR on Indian Passport

I have an Australian PR that has 'Must Not Arrive After' as '12 December 2022'. I have a 19 hour transit on November 26th in Singapore. Am I eligible for VFTF given the expiry date is only 17 days? ...
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Departure time vs Visa end time

I will be visiting Singapore on a 96 hour visa and flight departure is at 95th hour. So I am wondering if my flight gets delayed then does it mean that I am breaching visa timeline? Although I believe ...
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Transiting Singapore via VFTF

I am an Indian citizen and hold a valid Japan visa. I will be transiting via Singapore while returning from Bali/Philippines. I came across an article which stated that Indian citizens can avail 96 ...
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