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Verona, a city on the Adige river in the Veneto region of northern Italy.

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Train from Verona to Bolzano with bicycles (4 people)

we're planning a minimal-gear four-day bicycle tour (sleeping in airbnbs and hotels/bookings on the way) from Bolzano through Stelvio and Mortirolo in June (leaving our car in Bolzano) and then plan ...
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What game did I see in Verona, Italy?

During October 2016 I was in Verona, Italy. I visited the Torre dei Lamberti. Within the square there was a game, perhaps a tournament as there was two matches going on at once. What is this game? ...
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How to make change (to get coins from a banknote) in Italy?

So I arrived with my rental in Verona and it turns out that you need coins to pay for parking. What is the best way to exchange bills to coins? At 1€ an hour 14 hours a day I need a bunch - not just ...
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Airport options for trip to Genoa and Verona

I am planning a trip to northern Italy. I will start it with two days of Giro d'Italia in and around Genoa and then I will move on to Verona for a javascript conference. I was thinking that flying to ...
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