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Visas Inquiry (Albania & European country)

If I have a Schengen visa for duration of stay of 30 days, but validaty for 1 month and half. I decided to travel to Albania in between my duration of stay in Europe countries, will it be counted from ...
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Can an Indian passport holder travel to the UAE from India with 4-month passport validity?

I have an Indian passport with 4 months validity. I have to travel from India to the UAE. I have a short-term visa to the UAE. Can I travel with 4 months validity?
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Can I apply for a new UK visit visa when I have still Valid UK visitor visa?

My exam was on 26th of March and which was cancelled due to this covid pandemic, but I applied for visa on that exam date, now that i have got the 6month visitor visa which is valid till 14th of ...
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ESTA with UK passport (valid > 10 years)

I am trying to apply for my ESTA using a passport with an expired ESTA. The passport was issued by the UKPO in September 2016, and is valid through January 2027 (because the UK added validity for an ...
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Requirement for validity of a passport [duplicate]

In several questions, I read that there are additional validity restrictions for the passport if you visit a foreign country: e. g., a country requires that your passport is valid for at least 6 ...
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Validity of Schengen Visa after Change of Country of Residence (UAE)

Can I travel to Schengen country if I received Schengen tourist visa as a resident of UAE? But before travelling I have to cancel my UAE residency visa and I am not going to return to UAE.
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Can I use a US visa in my old Kenya passport after being issued the new East African Community passport?

Due to a directive by the Kenya government, old Kenyan passports must be converted to new East African Community passports before September 2019. The old passports will no longer be used after 01 ...
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