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Former major U.S. carrier which completed a merger with American Airlines in 2015.

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Consulate asked for my I-94 even though I've never been to the US

Three weeks ago, my family was at the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia (not a state in the USA) for an interview. The interviewer left our papers and pulled out a sheet of paper stating that ...
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Transit visa for 5 hours layover in Chicago (USA) [duplicate]

I am from India and I have Canadian student visa, i booked a ticket with British airways which has 2 layover 1 st in London and 2 nd in Chicago (USA). So ,do I need transit visa during the 5 hours ...
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Do I need to claim and recheck baggage at each of two connections between US and UK?

I am flying from Birmingham (BHX) > New York (JFK) and then a connecting flight to Phoenix (PHX) and another connection to San Francisco (SFO). All three flights are with same the airline (US Airways) ...
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Do I need to check out and check in my baggage again in transit airport?

I am flying from Doha to Philadelphia by Qatar Airway. While in Philadelphia, I need to change flight to US Airway. But I only have 1 hour and a half before my next flight to Birmingham. Do I have ...
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Do I need to check out and check in again in transit airport?

I am flying from Atlanta to Dhaka. I bought the ticket from Qatar airways. My flight is : Atlanta --- Philadelphia (operated by US airways) Philadelphia --- Doha (Qatar airways) Doha --- Dhaka (...
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Will I fit in a first class airplane seat?

I am 655 pounds (297kg) and 6 feet 4 inches (193cm) tall. Will I fit in a first class seat? I want to be able to take my wife of 15 years on a honeymoon and will likely need to fly to go anywhere good....
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Can I do anything useful with a small number of soon-to-expire US Air Miles?

I have a small but not negligible stash of US Airways miles that are about to expire. I do most of my flying through other airlines, so earning more to avoid expiration (or using them on an upgrade) ...
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Carry on for domestic AA and UA flights can be put in the cargo bin?

I have not flown in a while and I would rather not have any checked in luggage (and pay fees). I am using this as reference for dimensions:, ...
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How to find when a previous flight occured?

I want information about a flight in 2009. My dad came to Canada from the US. He went back in August 2009. He forgets the exact date. He travelled by US airways. He need to know exact date for ...
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How will the US Airways and American Airlines merger affect frequent flyer miles?

So I have like 30,000 frequent flier miles with American Airlines and in a few weeks, care of my employer, will be traveling US Airways for a business trip. Since American Airlines is now owned by US ...
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Refund of USA taxes and Passenger Facility Fees due to itinerary change?

USA travel. Initial round trip itinerary DTW/DCA/LGA EWR/DTW. DTW/DCA leg was canceled by the airline and revised at no charge. Revised itinerary DTW/LGA EWR/DTW Any ability to get a refund of the ...
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With Airlines using the same programs, can I merge benefits?

I tried navigating the labyrinthine web sites for US Airways and Continental (both in the same alliance), and I gave up after the automated system made me rip my own ears off... Does anyone know ...