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For questions specifically about people travelling with United Kingdom passports.

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Is my Turkish Driving License valid in the UK?

I have a B category driving licence which I obtained in Turkey. Do you know if my Turkish driving licence is valid in the UK? It was issued both in Turkish and English. If not, what kind of steps I ...
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How to get a 1 week-fast track British passport replacement appointment upgraded to the 1-day premium service

Complete nightmare so far, missed flight and missing foreign visa as well. Going to IPS tomorrow with a fast-track appointment in hand and aiming to upgrade to the premium one-day service. Anyone ...
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Can I enter the USA as a visitor, while I wait for an H1-B visa?

I'm a UK citizen, and am going through the process of obtaining an H1-B visa for the USA. There's a fair backlog at the moment so I have some free time on my hands and I'd like to visit the USA (to ...
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Travelling within the US as a foreign citizen without a passport

I'm travelling within the US and am a British citizen. Can I travel without my passport and just show my UK driver's license instead?
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UK citizen, US company, living in UK: Can I use an ESTA?

So: I am a UK citizen I work for a US company I currently live in the UK and have no US visa What am I allowed to do when I enter the US on an ESTA? Am I allowed to work if I am getting paid in a UK ...
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How long does it take to get an Indian visa in London for a UK national?

I am running a bit late with my visa application to India, as I am still waiting for my passport... How long does it take to get a double-entry tourist visa in London's office for a UK national? Is ...
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Who offers travel insurance that covers a holiday in your country of citizenship?

I am a British national but have been living abroad with my family for the last 6 years. I plan to travel back the the UK for a holiday next week, however, I have been having difficulty finding a ...
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Do I have to enter the UK on my UK passport?

I'm a British National (Overseas), which basically means that while I don't have the right of abode in the UK, I am permitted to visit the UK without a visa. However, my passport has expired, and ...
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Russian visas and short-term apartment rental in St Petersburg and Moscow

I'm attending a close friend's wedding in Russia in July. We'll be visiting St Petersburg for a few days first, then on to Moscow. We have a toddler who goes to bed early and we would much rather stay ...
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Applying for tourist visa for US in country other than your own [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can I apply for and receive a US visa when residing in country other than my own? Can British passport holders apply for a B2 USA visa from other countries, if they are living ...
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Mexican visa with Philippine passport + UK Residence card + married to Spanish citizen

I would like to know if anybody can advise me how to proceed with this matter. My wife is from the Philippines, and in the future we would like to visit Mexico. As far as I know I don't need visa as ...
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Considerations to take as a UK citizen travelling in Europe? [closed]

The world and especially Europe is in a lot of trouble politically, socially and economically. You have a lot of people with financial hardship, poverty which will cause an increase in crime. There is ...
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Schengen visa for UK citizen?

Since I am a UK citizen I require a Schengen VISA to pass through Europe when I go travelling this year. However where do I get one, I have checked the EU Parliament site and cannot find anything ...
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Validity of UK passport required to visit Italy

I am planning a trip to Italy in January of 2012. I am just wondering if I will be allowed to enter the country as my UK passport has less than 6 months remaining until it is due to be renewed.
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How can one obtain a tourist visa to Libya?

It seems that they might be available on arrival, but I'm not sure if you have to have a letter of invitation first. There is not much information online and due to the climate there at the moment ...
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How short notice can you fly to USA?

Is it possible to fly to the US this upcoming Thursday (todays Tuesday so about 3 days)? We've (My Dad and me) never flown to the US before, but my passport is valid and up to date. We're from the UK, ...
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Getting a Chinese tourist visa with an expired UK criminal conviction

A group of us are travelling to China this year. One of the members of our group was convicted five years ago for possession of Ecstasy; as it has been five years, the conviction is now spent / ...
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