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The United Arab Emirates, a country in the Middle East.

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Do I need a transit visa for a layover in the United Arab Emirates?

Do I need a transit visa for a layover via airports in the UAE, such as Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport? If so, what are the requirements for such a visa? Can I get the ...
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Can I through check my bags on separate bookings (international flights)?

I have two different bookings on British Airways and Emirates. Booking 1 (British Airways): Washington (IAD) -> London (LHR) -> Dubai Booking 2 (Emirates): Dubai -> Hyderabad I have a 5 hour stop ...
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UAE visit visa with expired passport number

I need a visa to travel to UAE. My passport will expire soon (June), so today I applied for a new passport and it will be delivered to me on March 17. I need to travel to Dubai on March 18. clearly ...
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Can I take a sex-toy on plane through UAE?

I will be traveling from Australia to Austria, transferring in Abu Dhabi. Is it alright for me to bring a vibrator in the check-in luggage, or are there laws against that? It is approximately 17cm ...
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I have a Schengen visa but my UAE Residence visa cancelled. Can I still travel then? [closed]

I'm a Philippine passport holder. I have applied recently for a Schengen and UK visa and was approved. Unfortunately before my travel dates came my UAE residence needs to be cancelled as I was ...
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Traveling with visa in my old passport [duplicate]

My old passport in which an ECR was stamped,with passport expiry date in 2017.I got a Dubai visit visa on its passport number but later on as I was told that it'l be a problem for me to travel to ...
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Are laws about sex outside marriage less rigorously enforced in Dubai for people on layovers?

Last night, I saw on the news that Qantas was switching its main hub from Singapore to Dubai. (Qantas has since switched back to Singapore) Smart Traveller notes about the United Arab Emirates: ...
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13 votes
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What kind of items related to sex can be carried to UAE?

So, apparently I cannot bring a vibrator/dildo to the UAE, but is it acceptable to bring items like condoms, lubricant, handcuffs, whips (well, the small ones), and so on? I'm especially interested in ...
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Dubai (UAE) visa requirements when staying in the airport for a French citizen? [duplicate]

I have read that, at the time of writing (2013), UAE visas are: 96-Hour : Valid for passengers in transit Tourist : Maximum 30 days Visit : Maximum 90 days But I am only connecting flights, so I ...
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Quickest way from London to Dubai without flying?

This is a question from a friend not (yet!) on Travel.SE... From London, what is the quickest way to get to Dubai (via trains, buses, ferries etc) without flying? (My usual advice of "just check ...
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5 votes
2 answers

UAE Tourist Visa validity and how many days I'm allowed to stay?

I'm an Indian and my brother has been working in Sharjah around ten years. It is the first time I'm travelling abroad. He arranged me a tourist visa of 60 days validity and I can stay there up to 39 ...
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Tourist visa with cancelled old passport and have renewed passport in hand

I got a tourist visa for UAE with my old passport number which was renewed on January 2015. I got the new passport with new number and in the last page old passport number also mentioned. Can I ...
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Documents required for a Mexican citizen getting married to a Pakistani in Dubai?

Which documents are needed for getting married in Dubai to a Mexican woman? She will come on a visitors' visa and she will come between 5 to 10 days. I have resident visa and I am from Pakistan. What ...
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Tourist Visa (30 days) Dubai valid until date

Today I was informed by VFS that my tourist visa for UAE got approved. I'm travelling to UAE on 16th December 2014 and returning on 7th Jan 2015. But when I checked the "valid until" date on the visa ...
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Do we require a transit visa to connect through Abu Dhabi, UAE?

We are about to visit the United States. Our travel itinerary on Etihad Airways is as follows: Departure flight Colombo - Abu Dhabi 8.25 hr layover - Los Angeles Return flight Chicago - Abu Dhabi ...
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Can I drive a car in Dubai with an IDP issued in Pakistan?

Can I drive a car in Dubai with an international driving permit issued in Pakistan? Does it matter if I'm driving a rental car or a friend's car? I hold a valid driving license from Pakistan, that ...
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Schengen visa stamped on my expired passport with valid UAE residence visa

I am from Philippines working in Dubai, I recently applied for Schengen visa going to Italy, I submitted 2 passports as one of the required documents (renewed and expired since my valid UAE residence ...
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I would like to visit Israel. How can I work or visit after that in UAE? [closed]

I would like to visit Israel. How can I work or visit after that in UAE? I have an Indian Passport.
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6 votes
3 answers

Preparing money for a visit in Dubai [closed]

I plan to travel to Dubai and i know that they use AED (Dirhams) as curency. I'm from France and I would like to know if it is better to go to Dubai with American dollars or euros? Where should I ...
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Visa on arrival in UAE for Chinese

We are from China and we need to know about our travel to Dubai and Israel. Before we buy any tickets for Dubai, we just have news that we don't need a visa to go to Dubai. I mean can we get a visa at ...
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Abu Dhabi to Muscat?

I will be traveling from Abu Dhabi to Muscat in February this year but I can't find any conclusive information as to whether direct connections (that are not flights) between the two cities exist and ...
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Ferry from Khasab to Qeshm

What is the status of the ferry route from Khasab, Oman to Qeshm, Iran? It looks like it has been suspended. Does anyone know whether this is temporary or permanent? Also, are there any other ways to ...
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What are the criteria for issuance of an OK to Board?

In this question on the UAE's "OK to Board" approval requirements, Henning Makholm asked in a comment, "...why they don't say anything about under which conditions the local offices will issue their ...
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What is the difference in a UAE long term tourist visa and long visit visa

My visa says (long term visit single entry-tourist). What is the difference between long term visit visa and long term tourist visa to the UAE?
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Schengen Visa application while my UAE residence visa will expire before 3 months from the day of departure from the Schengen area

I am a Indian passport holder who is currently living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am planning for our honeymoon (August 28 – September 14) with the family in Europe – Austria, Italy, and ...
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Do I need OK TO BOARD to transit UAE?

my traveller Indian Passport holder will fly from Delhi to Djibouti via Dubai on FlyDubai. Visa will be on arrival and have an invitation letter for tourist purpose. Do he requires OK TO BOARD message ...
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Traveling/transiting UAE with controlled medication?

Could anyone clarify if tourists need to obtain pre-approval from UAE ministry of health to travel with controlled medication (narcotics, tranquilizers, etc.)? I will be transiting through Abu Dhabi (...
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Is a visa in advance required for 7-day tourist stay in UAE for Chinese citizens?

First of all, I've read this question, but it seems to conflict with other information on the web. On the London UAE embassy website and the Emirates website it says that PRC passport holders can get ...
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