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TWoV stands for Transit Without Visa.

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Transit without visa: do Netherland Antilles count as "a third country which is not a Schengen Member State" for purpose of transit in CDG?

As you know many nationalities can transit via several EU airports, like CDG, if the rule below is respected: Passengers transiting through Paris (CDG), arriving from a non-Schengen Member State with ...
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German Passport travel to Taiwan via China

Traveling from FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) to TPE (Taipei, Taiwan) via PEK (Beijing Capital, China) on a German passport. Does the transit in PEK count as immigration thus requiring a visa or do TWOV ...
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Can I transit through Chengdu TFU airport visa-free?

I cannot find an official website stating which ports of entry are allowed. The closest one with a full table of ports posted on March 2023 includes Chengdu CTU airport (Chengdu Shuangliu ...
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Dealing with unknowledgeable check-in staff

How should one generally deal with check in staff that is poorly trained on visa requirements (and exceptions which permit TWOV)? Would they believe any printouts (ie from official government website ...
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TWOV at Sydney Airport

I'm flying from the UK next week (British Citizen). Can someone just share their experience of the TWOV process at Sydney Airport T1? I'm flying into Sydney from London via Abu Dhabi landing at 6am, ...
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Security screening location Sydney TWOV

I know I don't need a visa when transiting Sydney Airport from one international to another international airport; however, I am aware I have to clear security and not customs. I have found no maps ...
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List of transit visa requirements

I'm writing a program that helps plan travel, mostly for people with passports on the not-so-good end of the Henley Index. I need a table of countries x passport showing transit visa/TWOV ...
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Do I always need to go through immigration if I have a self-transfer?

I found a cheap, short-notice ticket that takes me from the Schengen area to India with a self-transfer at Doha (Qatar). The booking process throws warnings such as (not verbatim) "You will have ...
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Transit Without Visa through Heathrow for travel from Canada - is it still valid during COVID?

I am a Canadian permanent resident with Indian passport. I will be traveling on BA flight from Toronto to Mumbai on a single ticket which has a layover of 23 hours in London. This means I would have ...
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Transit without visa requirement for India National travelling to US (tourist visa) with 19hr layover at Heathrow Airport [duplicate]

I am an Indian National, travelling with my husband and two kids to the US on tourist visa. I have a 19hr layover at Heathrow airport during which I plan to stay at a hotel near Paddington and explore ...
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How does the Schengen visa duration and entry work?

I am an Indian national with an Indian passport and I am planning to travel from New Delhi to the USA and from there to Amsterdam and then back to New Delhi. I already have a 3 month US Visa and now ...
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Transit visa mainland China, Qingdao

I'm an Indian passport holder. I'm having a flight (Shandong airlines) Osaka (KIX, 12:55) - Qingdao (TAO, 14:45) - Flight number SC8092 15 hr layover in Qingdao Qingdao (TAO, 06:00) - New Delhi (...
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Is airside transit available at Tocumen airport, Panama?

My partner needs to transit in Panama on his way to meet me and my family in Barbados for a holiday. He will be travelling Havana > Panama > Barbados with Copa Airlines on a single PNR. His ...
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Can I take the high-speed bullet train Beijing–Hong Kong under Chinese 144 h visa-free transit rules?

In a few days I should go fly to Beijing and then would like the 8 hour train from Beijing to Hong Kong using 144 TWOV. The issue is that I have read a lot of articles/discussions online about people ...
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Does TWOV apply when transiting China via multiple cities/airports including leaving the airport to see the city?

Would the visa free rule apply when transiting China via multiple Chinese cities/airports (not just a single airport)? In this case it would be UK -> Beijing Capital (PEK) -> Dalian (DLC) -> Japan. ...
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e-Visa for Kaliningrad, TWOV at SVO possible?

for citizens of several countries it is possible to apply for a free e-Visa for the Russian region of Kaliningrad (certain restrictions apply). However most of the flights to Khrabrovo airport in ...
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