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A region in central Italy mostly known for its hilly landscape and artistic medieval cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena and so on.

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Can I reserve a beach spot by leaving an umbrella and lounge chair overnight (Italy)?

During August the beaches in Italy are notoriously crowded and unless you arrive early (and we're talking before sunrise in some places), you cannot get a spot close to water. I have observed that ...
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Does the bus Monte Amiata Scalo → Montalcino stop at Castelnuovo dell'Abate?

I'm planning to stay some days at Siena. I would like to explore a little bit the area around this city using the public transportation system. I've noticed a bus from the Tiemme SpA company going ...
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Hill-top villages to escape the heat south of Florence

We will be visiting halfway between Florence and Siena (Italy) at the end of August. It is going to be very hot I expect so I am looking for high villages/towns we can visit to get some cool. My ...
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Organic Grocer in Tuscany?

I will be staying in Tuscany - San Quirico - for the next month and would like to stock up with organic/natural foods. Goji berries, raw almonds, almond milk, fresh vegetables/fruits, quinoa, etc.. ...
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Is the Italian taxi industry still highly regulated/restricted?

I am researching a trip to rural Tuscany in the summer. It might be necessary to get taxis around. How common are taxis in Italy/Tuscany? Here in Ireland, the taxi industry used to be highly ...
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