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Türk Hava Yolları A.O., Turkish Airlines (IATA "TK"), headquartered at Yeşilköy, Bakırköy, Istanbul carries the flag for the Republic of Turkey. A Star Alliance member.

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What options do I have to seek further compensation from Turkish Airlines for the delay in delivering my baggage?

Turkish Airlines lost my baggage and it took them six days to deliver it to me. This delay caused me to spend almost $2k because I had nothing to wear and the next day was a holiday. I didn't even ...
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Denied Boarding

On the 21st of November I had a connecting flight on Turkish Airlines from Lahore (Pakistan) to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) via Istanbul amd Panama City. In Istanbul, when the Panama City ...
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Flight booking with XXX as given name on passport

I am booking a flight for me and my family. My daughter’s given name is on her Canadian passport as 'XXX' while her full name is in the surname field. What should we put as her first name while ...
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Can I upgrade my Turkish Airlines ticket to business class?

I've purchased a ticket on Turkish Airlines from the US to Asia and would like to upgrade the transcontinental leg to business class. When I log into the Turkish Airlines website I'm only offered to ...
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