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Questions on traveling to the Italian city of Turin.

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Old Turin bus fine never sent me the letter to pay

I am looking to try find out where and how I can pay a bus fine from a few years ago in Turin. They never sent me a letter in the post, but took my passport details for forgetting and not knowing to ...
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Security check in Turin-Caselle or Malpensa airports

Planning a trip to/from Turin airport (TRN) inside Schengen space. A colleague working there advised about occasional usage of body scanners, whilst the airport contact team states these are not ...
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Is the bus Turin → Verbania working in 2018?

This a bus that goes from Turin to the Maggiore Lake area every sunday during summer months. The information about the bus schedule on the official bus company website is from 2017. I've seen that ...
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Is it possible for a non-resident in Italy to acquire the "Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte"?

This is a card that allows you to visit with free entrance lots of museums of the Piedmont region in Italy all year round. There is a similar card for Lombardy. I have read the information on the ...
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Is there a luggage locker at Porta Susa station in Torino?

Is there a luggage locker at Porta Susa station in Turin, Italy, where one can leave a large suitcase for a few hours while waiting for a bus connection?
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Weekend in Turin or Genova?

I live in Lyon an plan on spending a long "romantic/relaxing" weekend (3-4 days) in Italy with my gf. The thing is I want to get there by train, which means I'm pretty limited in my choice: the city ...