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Where can I find a map of the Underground City (Beijing)?

Dìxià Chéng ("Underground City") is a network of bunkers covering around 85 km² under Beijing where 100k to 1M people live. Where can I find a map of it? E.g., tunnels, entrance points, ...
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Where is Waze Beacon installed?

I understand that Waze has installed beacons in many tunnels around the world. These beacons apparently use Bluetooth to replace the GPS signals, since GPS does not work in tunnels. In other words, ...
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Longest bridge/tunnel that can be cycled over/through?

I'm cycling around Japan, and a few days ago I cycled the Shimanami Kaido, a series of bridges connecting islands between the mainland and Shikoku in the inland sea. One of the bridges there was (if I ...
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Non US or Canada citizen travelling to Windsor through Windsor/Detroit tunnel on tunnel bus

I want to travel to Windsor using the Windsor/Detroit tunnel bus. I am a non-US-citizen from Pakistan. I read that I am 'required' to get back on the tunnel bus after customs but what if my customs ...
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How common is it for large bridges or bridge-tunnel complexes to not have toll? [closed]

In a recent question, an asker was gobsmacked that there would be a toll on the very large Golden Gate Bridge, which is a major frontier crossing. I was surprised that they were surprised. Is it a ...
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World's longest purpose-built pedestrian tunnel?

Where is the world's longest publicly accessible purpose-built pedestrian tunnel? Wikipedia has: List of long tunnels by type, bicycle and pedestrian. This is incomplete, as the only long ...
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