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Questions about traveling to this country in North Africa.

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Why can't I apply for a visa from my home country when I am currently resident in another country?

I am a Tunisian citizen. A few years ago, I used to hold a Turkish residence permit and I intended to apply for a student visa to TUM (Technical University of Munich). I asked the German Embassy of ...
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Some problems in planning a trip to Tunisia

I was planning a trip to Tunisia in September, but I've encountered some issues. My plan is to arrive in Tunis, stay there for a few days, then take a bus or a train to Tozeur, spend a few days there, ...
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Are train times in Google Maps trustable in Tunisia?

I'm checking the timetable for intercity trains in Tunisia on Comparing them with Google Maps, they look very different. The official website also looks very ...
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How to go from Tunis to Hammamet fast?

I need to be in Yasmine Hammamet early in the morning. Around 09:30, so taking the train is not a possibility. I've read that there are buses going from Tunis to Hammamet, but I couldn't find any ...
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Going to Tunisia as an EU citizen: is a hotel booking required?

I want to fly to Tunisia to visit a friend this January. I am an EU citizen, so I don't need to get visa in advance, but do I need proof of a booked hotel? Can I stay with my friend at their home? Or ...
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Tunisia quarantine requirements for citizens [closed]

I'm trying to find out the exact quarantine requirements for Tunisian passport holders going to Tunisian from France. Most websites have requirements for hotel stays but some websites say that ...
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Indian passport holder travelling to Tunisia

I wanted to inquire about the tourist visa to Tunisia. I'm an Indian citizen and Indian Passport holder living in Saudi Arabia. I wish to travel to Tunisia on vacation as a tourist with my family. ...
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Can I recover cost for being denied entry in a country. Flight, Hotel or even transfer money

Me and my family, my wife my son aged 11 and daughter aged 9 travelled via Germany from UK to Tunisia for a 8 night holiday. We all hold UK passport therefore no visa is required. Hotel and transfer ...
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Visiting Israel with Tunisian stamp and Russian visas

I am planning to visit Israel for a week of vacation next month and realize I have a stamp from Tunisia in my passport, from three years ago and also for vacation. Would this make any trouble ...
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How to get from UK to Tunisia

I am something of a Noob when it comes to travelling however, personal affairs with a friend of mine requires me to try and find a way out to Sousse. I am however, having really bad luck at finding a ...
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Could I reach Ichkeul national park with public transportation?

In Tunisia, the Ichkeul national park is located in the area of Menzel Bourguiba, north of Tunis. Is it possible to access it by public transportation? It is OK to walk a few kilometers to access it, ...
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How to stay awake while waiting for a plane

I have to travel by plane at 5 a.m from the Tunis airport in Tunisia. I don't have anywhere to spend the night since I live in another city. I have to get there 'early' because of transport ...
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Does Tunisia require a Visa if I don´t disembark while in port?

I am visiting Norway on a 90 day Schengen Visa Single entry. I am booked to go on a cruise from Barcelona to Rome, but it stops in Tunisia for a day and night. If I do not go off the ship, do I need ...
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Is it safe to travel to Tunisia/Tunis with the current news? (March 2014)

Created October 2013, Updated February 2014 looking for new answers due to "rapidly changing event" There was a suicide bombing recently near a hotel in Tunis. Also reading the news, it seems they ...
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