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A German-based multinational travel and tourism company.

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Passenger with two family names - Dominican Republic entry form

Travellers to the Dominican Republic are required to complete an Electronic ticket for entry and exit prior to arrival. I’m the lead passenger (UK citizen/resident) travelling with my partner (DR visa ...
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Historic landing time for flight arriving at Gatwick from Lanzarote on 16th January 2023 at LGW [duplicate]

Can anyone help with finding out the landing time of a flight from Lanzarote (ACE) landing at Gatwick LGW. TOM4141 on January 16th 2023? Many thanks
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Was I denied boarding incorrectly by TUI to the USA from Birmingham UK due to visa issues

Essentially I was denied boarding to a TUI flight from Birmingham UK to the USA 2 weeks ago because of US Visa issues, despite me meeting all the criteria on the US Embassy (and hundreds of other ...
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where are my return boarding passes

I have checked in online and printed outbound boarding passes but the return boarding passes are not showing up, when can i print them off , Tui flights
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Online check-in for Tui flight to Reus Airport (Costa Dorada)

in desperation I've joined this site as am travelling to Spain on Tuesday (17th May) and am so confused. I'm travelling with my mum in law and my 8 year old daughter (her first flight) and have been ...
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I can't print my return boarding passes using the TUI website, how should I proceed?

I have been trying to print my return boarding passes using the TUI website. I have managed to print the boarding passes for the outbound flight but cannot seem to get the return ones. How can I print ...
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Travel advice back to UK from Jamaica after covid-19 outbreak

apologies for sloppy writing due to my current situation. I am currently in Jamaica with TUI all inclusive holiday. Just an hour ago I got email from Gov.Uk Travel advice stating following. The ...
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What time did TOM4656 land on 18 Jan 2020? [duplicate]

Unclear how to use this forum correctly, but my question is simple. That said, I can't find the info anywhere. What time did TOM4656 land on 18 Jan 2020? Could someone find the info and give me a link ...
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Is TUI Premium Economy’s baggage offloaded first?

Is TUI Dreamliner Premium Economy’s baggage unloaded first at the arrival airport?
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