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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, a country just north of South America comprising the island of Trinidad, the island of Tobago and other smaller islands.

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Do I need a visa to travel to Trinidad as an Indian national?

An Indian national traveling to Trinidad and back, what questions/documents are asked on arrival when you travel for short stay?
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Filipina in transit Visa gatwick

I would like to bring my girlfriend from the Phillipines to visit me in Trinidad. The easiest route seems to be manila intransit through Qatar and connect in Gatwick airport to Port of Spain Trinidad. ...
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Does an Indian citizen need a visa to visit Trinidad?

Does an Indian citizen, living in Canada on a student permit, need a visa to visit Trinidad for a holiday?
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Do I need a visa to transit Canada? [duplicate]

I am Pakistani and I have a flight from Cyprus, via Toronto, to Trinidad. Do I need a visa for connecting my flight from Toronto?
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How can an Indian citizen travel to Trinidad and Tobago from India without needing a transit visa along the way?

I would like to travel to Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) from India. Can anyone help me to find the route (or routes) to avoid getting a transit visa?
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Port of Spain to Porlamar, Margarita - any direct flights?

Any advise who is flying, how frequently and how to contact the operator/carrier? I have not find any information on the internet. Any info is appreciated
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Transiting from Ghana to Trinidad via U.S.A

I will be booking a flight from Ghana to Trinidad and Tobago but the flight will first go through the U.S.A. The layover time at the JFK airport is quite long and I will like to have a short tour of ...
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How much is a boat trip from Venezuela to Trinidad?

I want to go from Venezuela (Guiria) to Trinidad by boat. Unfortunately I can't find any detailed information about prices and so on. The only thing I could find is that the boat leaves from Guiria in ...
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Are Trinidad and Tobago as well as Suriname safe places to travel alone?

I'm planning to travel alone in South America starting from Colombia. I'm thinking to do a triangle route between Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. It'll be a backpacking trip hosting in ...
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