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How annoying are mouse clicks on an air plane

I'm about to go on a 12 hours flight, so I thought it could be nice to have some games ready on my laptop. But it's not really fun playing some of those with the built in track pad. How much of a ...
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What are some techniques to avoid annoying the travel mate?

After school I went on a 2 months travel trip with my best friend. We knew each other for 13 years, and it started really great. But after 2 or 3 weeks, we noticed that it is a difference between ...
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How to cope with disgusting fellow travellers?

This summer I was in Krakow. We stayed in a hostel and did an organized tour from there. We visited Auschwitz concentration camp. We were a group of approximately 10 people and unfortunately some of ...
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Is there an online community to find travel partners (for mountains, sightseeing etc.)?

Is there an online community to find travel partners for mountain trekking or sightseeing, or anything else? I don't want to travel to foreign mountains alone, but I don't know where to search for ...
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Long Stay Visit to France Without Visa

I'm planning on living in France for 7 months teaching English, and I'm hoping that my boyfriend will be able to accompany me. After learning that the Long-Stay Tourist Visas are very difficult to ...
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Round trip flight for me with wife sharing return flight only

I'm planning to go back to my country next year (probably by Feb) and come back again to the US. I want to bring my wife with me back to the US. So for me it's round trip but for her it's single trip. ...
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American citizen traveling back to US with foreign friend

I am a US citizen living abroad. Soon I will return to the US on vacation, but I will be taking a friend with me who is not a US citizen. There's no issues with visas, rather my question is in ...
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Websites for finding travel friends (with most members)?

I searched for some travel friends/buddies community websites. Which sites have the highest of number of members, nationalities, travel requests? Do they have mobile apps?
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Does having a TSA Pre-Check member in your flight reservation increase the chances that everyone gets Pre-Check? [duplicate]

I recently booked 4 plane tickets for the same flight for myself and three friends. I have a Known Traveler Number for TSA Pre-Check, but none of my friends do. When we printed our boarding passes at ...
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Which are my options to find trip companions online?

I like independent trips so I avoid tours packages. But sometimes I need to find a trip companion or to make a small group in order to reduce expenses (i.e. rent a car) or to reduce risks (i.e. big ...
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Is there a website to find someone to travel with? [duplicate]

I've heard of Travel Buddies and a few other websites like it, but I'm skeptical. Has anyone used a site and actually traveled with someone??
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How liable are you for the misconduct of travel companions?

I have been wondering about this for a while. What happens if you are traveling within a group and someone in this group is caught doing something against the law, without you being aware of this. Are ...
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How can I meet traveling companions in Tokyo's Narita airport?

My travelling companion and I are flying into Tokyo's Narita airport on separate flights (from two different airlines) that arrive ~50 minutes apart. We will not have cell phone access and presumably ...
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How do I find travel partners for a bicycle touring trip? [duplicate]

I am looking for people interesting in going bicycle touring in S.E.Asia. Having travelled by bike before alone and with a partner, I'm keen this time to find someone likeminded to go through the ...
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I did not add a companion on my WizzAir booking with discount

By mistake I did not add my girlfriend on my booking for WizzAir with discount. Can I add her on the same flight, same date and hour with discount?
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Travelling to Vietnam: how to find a local friend or travel companion? [duplicate]

I'm planning to travel to Vietnam (Hanoi). I would like to make a local friend or travel companion there and vice versa.I'm willing to be a true travel accompany back in our country. Is there any ...
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Using the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare on Air France

I have the Alaska Airlines MBNA Master Card. This card offers a companion fare of 99$ + taxes. I wish to book a round trip ticket between Los Angeles and Tahiti on a partner airline like Air France. ...
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Travel Companion Programs?

I recently found out about these travel companion programs. Basically, they let you have someone flight with you for free. The second person usually needs to pay the taxes and surcharges. My question ...
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