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For questions about tickets booked through travel agencies

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Defective third-party booking - what action to take?

I booked a ticket through eDreams who usually gives me a fictitious email address to use. For the first time ever, that email address didn't match with what Ryanair has for the booking. As eDreams ...
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Getting compensation for baggage that agency failed to add to the ticket

I have bought a Turkish Airlines plane ticket through online travel agency The ticket included checked baggage ($20) but at the check-in I discovered that the airline "...
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What actions can I take when a travel agent is very slow in rescheduling a cancelled flight?

I was scheduled to fly from Barcelona to Manila on April 21st 2022 with a return on May 21st. The airline Lufthansa cancelled part of the flight on May 21st. I talked to the travel agent and they said ...
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Why do most hotels in the US refuse to match travel agency prices?

I've seen that happening a few times in the United States and it seems to be the norm rather than the exception: I go to a hotel with no reservations, I show some booking price that can be obtained ...
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What to do when booking a flight with an Online Travel Agency (OTA) and the flight is cancelled?

As per this meta discussion, an attempt to make a canonical question about this. My example: I had a trip with say random online agency ROA. I've emailed them to rebook. They're happy to help, but ...
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What recourse do I have if travel agent (Gotogate) claims airline can cancel my ticket, but airline asks me to call my agent, which charge a fee?

I bought a Singapore Airlines flight ticket via Gotogate, which I'd like to cancel or change. Their policy states (mirror): You can also contact the airline directly to cancel your tickets. However, ...
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Online travel agency does not answer my messages about refunding my cancelled flights

I booked quite a few flights in 2020 that got cancelled because of the travel restrictions of the pandemic. The travel agency (quite a known one on the internet) had two options for the refund: ...
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Cancelling flight booked by travel agent

My wife and I booked an international trip through a travel agency, with the flight on United/Lufthansa. Due to Covid, we have pushed our travel to July 2022. The problem is that United is currently ...
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Is there any downside in purchasing high-speed train tickets in China via the official website, instead of third-party agencies?

I read that high-speed train tickets in China might be purchased online either via the official website or some third-party agency such as or Is there any ...
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Flight ticket combination only available through agency

I'd like to fly within Europe in these troubled days. Air France has a good combination (with a short connection of 50 minutes in CDG, with change of terminal). However, AF websites doesn't sell the ...
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Why do some airlines and air travel agencies send confirmation emails even if the flight has been cancelled?

During these weeks many flights had been cancelled because of the COVID-19. Why do some airlines and air travel agencies send confirmation emails even if the flight has been cancelled? Examples: ...
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What is the term for remote tourism consultation as a "bypass" for tour guiding in certain countries?

This question might be somewhat irrelevant in January 2020 (described below) but I ask it anyway to broaden general knowledge Certain countries do not allow people which aren't their citizens to work ...
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Are online travel agencies reliable to buy plane tickets? [closed]

I recently searched for fares in Skyscanner. The cheapest ones were given by online travel agencies (eg: tripmonster, mytrip, etc.) It's not the first time I used this type of agencies and one ...
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