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The movement of text from one language to another. Questions involving oral or written utterances that must be replaced and moved into one or more different languages. Translations can be made by a traveller when their mother tongue is not understood or by a visa applicant for documentation purposes. The scope of this tag also includes 'leakages' that may occur in the translation process (e.g., "I am a Berliner")

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Should I translate the document before or after attesting it?

For visa purposes, I need to attest some documents with Apostille and translate them. I have never done this before and nothing is mentioned on the website I am referring to, so I am not sure if the ...
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When applying for a British visa, is it necessary to supply a translation of the passport? [closed]

I've read the official advice here, which doesn't contain the answer. The answer is not obvious because as well as having to be presented when applying for visas, passports also need to be presented ...
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Translated documents to apply for a UK visa [duplicate]

I have a temporary visa in France and I am intending to apply for a UK Standard Visitor visa. I know that I need to translate some of my documents from French to English. Is it possible to translate ...
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Bank statement translation for Switzerland [closed]

I am traveling to Switzerland for a competition. The problem is my bank statement consists of my local language, except for the header which is in english. Do I need a full translation to english or ...
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Visa for Spain: do I need to translate my passport?

I am applying for a visa for Spain. I gathered all the necessary documents and made them translate. Now I have a doubt which I was not able to clarify reading the available information on the ...
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Do documents in Danish need to be translated for UK standard visa?

So I am applying for a visa for my mom so that she can visit family in the UK. We live in Denmark. The website states that all documents that are not in English or Welsh must be translated (no ...
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Who can certify translations of supporting documents for (travel) Schengen Visa?

If my original document is not in English, can I both translate it and verify that it is correct (with a confirmation letter)? The website of The British Embassy in Japan does not say that a ...
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Do UK visa documents not in English or Welsh have to be translated officially?

I am applying for a visa for my family in Russia to come to the UK. All the documents they provide will be in Russian, therefore they will need to be translated into English. The GOV visa page states:...
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Translating Lease Contract for UK Visa

I want to apply to visit my wife in UK. I am Jordanian with a Hungarian residence permit, and I want to submit my Lease Contract for my UK visitor Visa. The contract is written with two languages, ...
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Translating a translated birth certificate

My child under 18 has a dual Austrian/Russian nationality and lives in Austria. I'm considering applying for a UK Standard Visitor Visa for them (as a Russian citizen) if it looks like they (as an ...
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German documents translation to English [closed]

I am a student in Germany. I would like to visit the UK as a tourist for a few days. I am not sure where I can get my document translated. Is there any online service which does this? Visitor: ...
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How do I use these dried wood pieces from Thailand? [closed]

I bought this bag of chipped wood (?) in a store with natural health remedies in Bangkok. I can't remember what wood they are made of and how do you use them. The Thai words on the packaging are of ...
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Is standing actually illegal in Venice?

The Venice tourism site lists a bunch of rules. Okay, no swimming in the canals, and littering is also not allowed (duh?). But there's something baffling to me here: “No standing at any time” – ...
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UK Visa refused twice, should I give up? [duplicate]

I am an Algerian citizen, working as a computer scientist in Paris. I have been refused a tourist visa for UK for the second time despite having strong applying documents, good income, and a rich ...
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UK visitor visa from Germany - necessity of translating supporting documents [duplicate]

Good day to all, I am an Indian citizen working and living in Germany, and would like to visit the UK for the Christmas holidays. My question is regarding the translation of the supporting documents. ...
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Shoul supporting documents for a Schengen visa be translated?

I'm planning on applying for a Schengen short-term visa. I have all documents required for the application? I'm applying via the Netherlands consulate? Do I have to translate things like bank ...
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Enforcement of translational requirements for UK short term visitor visa from Italy

I am an Indian living in Italy and I am going to the UK for a leisurely family vacation for about 10 days. Please note, this application is not very straight forward. There are four applicants, one ...
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UK Visa for Indian National: Translation Requirements for Employment Contract and Salary Slips

I am an Indian national currently working as a research associate in Germany. I want to attend a conference in UK in July, for which I will be applying for a Standard Visitor Visa. I understand that I ...
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