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Absorbent material for drying.

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Towel heater switch

What are these switches that are meant to move horizontally? Last time I had one was some years ago in Sweden, and it was pretty straightforward I guess. Now, in Germany, I am not sure if am taking ...
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How to prevent the hotel from giving me a new towel on each day?

I was on a business trip to the US recently. In my hotel there was a typical sign saying: save the planet by reusing your towels; hang your towel if you are happy to reuse it. Day 1, I hang my towel ...
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Are towels in hotels always replaced at the end of the stay?

I'm mainly talking about 4-star-hotels in Germany. There are so many towels (see this question) that I usually would not use all of them. However, I was wondering if at the end of the stay, ...
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In Asian restaurants and airlines is it correct etiquette to use the hot towel on my face?

In many Asian restaurants both inside and outside Asia, and also on some Asian airlines such as Korean and JAL if I recall correctly, hot cloth towels are given out to all passengers before each meal. ...
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Small, warm towel on an airplane - what is it for?

While traveling with a overnight flight, I was given a moistened, warm tissue during the flight (it was a night time long distance flight). That was my first long distance (several hours) flight. I ...
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What is the use of all these towels?

I stayed at hotels in different places, and each hotel provides different set of towels. But sometimes I don't know what is the purpose of each towel! For example, attached two photos from a en-suite-...
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Is it acceptable to use resort beach towels at another beach?

We are heading to a resort in the Bahamas and they provide beach towels which I fully expect to use at the beach on the resort property. Now, there are other interesting beaches which we would like ...
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Do I need a towel in saunas in Germany?

There is always a problem: what to take with, and what would be provided on place? How it is with towels in saunas in Germany? Do you have to take a sauna towel with you? Or the towel is rented in ...
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Do hostels provide toiletries?

From my experiences at hotels, I'm used to toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.) being provided. Do hostels also provide these, or do I need to bring my own? Do hostels provide towels as well, or will I ...
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If you go to the pool and find all the sunbeds have towels on and you have nowhere to sit, what do you do?

When I've been staying in a hotels in Spain I often go down to the pool in the morning and find that there are no sunbeds to sit on because people have reserved them with towels. I'm never 100% if a ...
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Do microfibre towels dry quicker and absorb more water?

I am going to be doing a tour of Europe, visiting like 20 countries in 49 days and staying in hostels and cheap hotels. Given all this travelling, I think it is possible that my towel may not always ...
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Why exactly is it so important not to forget my towel when hitchhiking?

As everybody knows, “A towel ... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have.” But what about us terrestrial travellers? Personally I recently found these ...