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Can I apply for a UK tourist visa if I overstayed a Schengen visa 11 years ago?

I overstayed in Italy for 2 years in 2012 (11 years ago). Will I be granted a UK tourist visa?
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UK Tourist Visa & Travel requirement

I am a Permanent Resident with a Green Card, holding an Indian passport and a UK Tourist Visa valid from November 30, 2023, for a duration of six months. I'm considering taking a flight from the US on ...
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Can I visit the USA again?

I left the USA voluntarily after 3 months stay on a credible fear asylum granted at the airport on a tourist visa. I did not wait to appear in Court. It has been 10 years and now I am a citizen of the ...
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Insufficient travel insurance to cover the massive medical expenses for a visitor to US?

What happens if a tourist to US needs a medical surgery in U.S and the tourist's travel insurance does not cover the massive expenses?
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Has anybody from the USA got a tourist visa to Russia recently?

Easy process? Hard? Impossible? FWIW, since I'll be in Taipei and then Tokyo over the next month or two, I was planning to try the Russian embassies there. The Russian Consul in Phuket was no help at ...
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Improving visa tourist chances to US?

I've been browsing this site and reading up on tourist visas, I'm trying to help my long-distance boyfriend get a tourist visa to America to visit with me for maybe like a month or two. I video chat ...
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How Long is Entry in Singapore Usually?

I’m a British Citizen. How long is the standard default tourist entry for into Singapore? Or how long can I usually stay for on these trips? I cannot find this detail pretty much on nor on ...
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