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Why is the bathroom's light switch outside the room in some countries?

I'm in Ireland and I noticed the bathroom's light switch is located outside the room. I heard that is common here and in other European countries. Why is that?
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Why do American gas stations' bathrooms apparently use these huge keys?

In one episode of Beavis and Butt-head from the 1990s, they are out back at a gas station. There is a vending machine with a bathroom door on each side of it marked "MEN" and "WOMEN&...
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How to use a 2 part bathroom where the urinal and toilet are separate?

In my current travels to Croatia I was using the bathroom at a cafe and noticed that the men's bathroom has 2 parts. The first part has a urinal and a sink. The door that leads back to the cafe does ...
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How can physically disabled people who aren't flying first or business class use the lavatory on a Lufthansa A340-600?

Lufthansa uses the Airbus A340-600 on a large portion of its long-haul routes. According to the seatmaps for the two different configurations it uses, all of the lavatories for premium economy and ...
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Where to pee in London?

We are planning visiting London with two small children. As small children do, they might need to go to the toilet from time to time, and they need to go now! Is it acceptable to ask buisnesses for ...
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Toilet and half-bath in huts in Switzerland Alps

I was looking for renting a hut in the Alps in Switzerland. The problem is that they say they have toilets/half-baths and no provision for a proper shower/bath. So what is the system here? Is it the ...
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What is this lever in Argentinian toilets?

I've seen it in some places in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's not used for flushing the toilet, there's a separate button for that.
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Which kind of appliances can one connect to electric sockets located in an airplane's toilet?

Which kind of appliances can one connect to electric sockets located in an airplane's toilet? I have read/heard conflicting information: (mirror): The electric ...
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How to use dual flush button in toilet?

I've seen this thing first time in my new room. Dual flush tank (see image 2, it's not an actual photo, but where I live has similar thing as this one). Usually, I saw a flush with either a liver or ...
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How to clean yourself after you've used this style of western toilet in India? [duplicate]

I saw this type of toilet (see image 2) in North India. The commode is same as most of the others. But I couldn't find the jet (see image 1) which is generally attached with the seat. So I'm ...
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Should I put toilet paper in airplane toilets?

During a recent international flight my 4 year old daughter informed me that I shouldn't put toilet paper in the toilet but should instead use the bin provided. My gut told me she was wrong, however ...
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Any commercial planes with non-Western toilets

After some long-haul flights, travels in China, and exposure to this podcast (Fork Fashions and Toilet Trends) and that letter (Why the world deserves a better toilet) I cannot help but wonder this: ...
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What is the intended use of the water hose in Indian restrooms? [duplicate]

In Indian restrooms, I have often seen a flexible water hose with a hand-release attached. My original assumption was that it is supposed to be used to clean the bowl if you have left 'skidmarks' ...
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How much toilet paper can I flush without clogging an European toilet?

I am from a country where the toilet paper is not flushed but thrown to a bin close to the toilet. I think that the European system is more hygienic, but I always have this question when I use the ...
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Why is there a towel on my toilet seat?

I checked in to my hotel in Singapore and the toilet has a towel on its lid. What is the objective of this towel? Is it supposed to be used a foot rug for when I am using the toilet?
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Cleanliness of public toilets in the Philippines - myth or misconception?

I have read both articles in the past and more recently about the cleanliness of public toilets in the Philippines, more famously those of the Shell Gas Stations:
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Why must I lock the door of an aircraft lavatory before the light inside fully brightens?

When I step into an aircraft lavatory, the light is off and there is an indicator light saying to lock the door. Once I do lock the door, the light turns on, and otherwise, the light remains off. Why ...
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OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?

OK so for anyone that's travelled beyond North America and Western Europe you know what I'm talking about. Left: Romania, last year. Right: Turkey, last night. They start popping up in the Balkans ...
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