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Ben Gurion Airport (Hebrew: נמל התעופה בן גוריון‎, or colloquially, נתב״ג) (IATA: TLV, ICAO: LLBG) is the largest international airport of Israel. Located near Tel Aviv, the airport serves as a hub for El Al, Israir Airlines, Arkia and Sun D'Or.

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Transportation from Tiberias to Ben Gurion airport

How do I get from Tiberias to Ben Gurion Airport? My flight is Saturday @5AM. Any suggestions?
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How to get from Haifa to Ben-Gurion (TLV) airport on Saturday?

I need to get from Haifa to the Ben-Gurion airport (codename TLV), on a Saturday, for an afternoon flight; let's say I need to be at the main terminal (Terminal 3) by 14:00. As is well-known, however,...
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Is it possible to transfer between terminals at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport without leaving air side?

This is a question for people who know Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport well (TLV). In a couple of months, I am flying into Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport from Johannesburg on ELAL, arriving 7.10am at ...
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What are chances of AMS->TLV seats to become available at the last minute during coming week? [closed]

I've had the experience before of buying a last-minute ticket from AMS to TLV (it was an indirect flight via Turkey, but never mind) - bought in the morning, flown at noon. I'm going to be taking that ...
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No rail service to Ben Gurion airport on a Friday morning?

The Israel Railways site lists no trains from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport on Friday 15/09/2017 even though trains are running elsewhere. Normally, on a Friday, there's service until a little before ...
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Late night public transit from Tel Aviv airport?

Is there any public transit from Ben Gurion airport to central Tel Aviv departing late enough that I'd be able to catch it after arriving (on an international flight) at 11:20 pm? It seems the ...
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How likely is it for Israeli airport security to withhold my laptop and send it on later?

I’ll be visiting Jordan and Israel soon in a guided (recreational) group tour. The group will be some 20 people in size. The organiser gave us beautiful leaflets on what to expect in the countries we ...
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How long are lines in Tel Aviv airport

Is two hours before flight time early enough to show up at the Tel Aviv airport for a mid-morning, El Al flight to the States on a typical Wednesday? Or are the lines there so long that three hours ...
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Is there an ATM at Tel-Aviv airport?

A few years ago I saw money changers (costly) in the Tel Aviv airport but not a money machine (kash-po-mat). Is there a money machine at the airport? If so, where is it and does it charge the same as ...
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International transfer in Tel Aviv?

In the airport in Tel Aviv (Ben Guirion) I noticed a sign for "international transfer passengers". This piqued my curiosity... is there actually a "city pair" (with both cities outside of Israel) ...
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