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Questions tagged [tips-and-tricks]

Hints for solving a variety of travel issues, especially problems that require experiential knowledge to solve or are not covered by traditional travel books or resources.

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Trying to change return ticket date on group flight but travel agency is being difficult and airline reroutes to agency

I'm a member in a student chorus that's going on tour to Hungary. Our director/the university booked and arranged the tour through a travel agency. I wasn't sure I'd get to join but about a month ago ...
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How to find cheap accommodation with prices in random towns in Vietnam?

I had this problem in Laos too but it seems to be bigger in Vietnam. Very few accommodations are listed in which I mostly use in other countries. I'm sure they do in bigger tourist ...
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Cling film wrapping two pieces of luggage together (on Wizzair)

Somewhat often I encounter flights where 2 pieces of 'normal weight' luggage cost more than 1 piece of 'heavier' luggage. Me and my wife are traveling each with luggage of around 10-13kg, and as I was ...
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What to bring for a 3-month work trip to Catalunya in winter?

I need to pack for a work trip in Spain and I will be away for 3/4 months with my husband and kids. I am traveling by train so I can bring more luggage. What should I bring? How is the temperature? I ...
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