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The site of an ancient and now ruined Mayan city in the rainforest of the Petén Department, north Guatemala.

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What is the PET-3 road like between El Cruce and Tikal?

Curious what the terrain is like between El Cruce and Tikal. On the maps it looks like there is a range of low mountains or foothills just north of lake Petén Itzá, with a steep climb in elevation to ...
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How to get from Belize City to Tikal?

I have heard and read many things about how dangerous Belize City is. I want to get to my destination, Tikal, as soon as possible once I land in Belize City. However, the only bus company that I am ...
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Cheap way to get from Costa Rica to Tikal, Guatemala

I'd like to visit Tikal, Guatemala, but according to Rome2Rio, it's going to cost me at least $600 US to fly, which I find to be an exorbitant amount. What is the cheapest way to get from anywhere in ...
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How do I get from Tikal to Belize City?

What are the alternative ways to get from Tikal (Tikal Inn) to Belize City. Looks like there is Tropic Air flying from Flores to Belize and there are buses (also from Flores). Tropic Air site says ...
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